Why you need security for your Toronto events

In Toronto today, event security is arguably more crucial than ever. With the level of terror threat at an extreme, ensuring the safety of your guests should be your top priority. In this article, we'll explain to you the reasons why you need security for your events in Toronto. From your corporate events and concerts, [...]

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How to prevent shoplifting at your retail store

Are you a retail shop owner wondering how to prevent shoplifting? Do you think some retail items have been disappearing from your stocks and shelves? Or maybe you've been noticing for a while, but you're not sure about it. Perhaps you've found countless evidence of open packages, broken items, or missing sales items without any [...]

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Travel security tips for Toronto Companies

More often than not, business engagements will take you out of your country to another one. Businessmen and women travel in and out of different countries every day. Staying safe during these trips may require you to hire private security services.  Whether it's a business meeting with investors or a business conference or training, an [...]

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How much does mobile patrol service cost in Toronto?

Security of life and property is as paramount as it can get, that is not disputed. With technology, security has gone many steps further than what it used to be some years back. There are so many innovative technologies employed in defence of home and properties. Homes and properties can fall victims of robbery and [...]

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How much does Security consulting cost in Toronto?

In this modern era, most business owners in Toronto prefer using an external consultant in crucial areas of their business. They do this to increase productivity and efficiency. However, this trend seems to be different when it comes to security. We have noticed that many establishments are less or not interested in adopting the help [...]

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How much does Neighbourhood Protection services cost in Toronto?

No matter the neighbourhood you find yourself in, you become a part of a small community. Owing to the fact your residential buildings are closely knit together, events picnics and social events become a neighbourhood activity.  Decisions concerning the growth and development of the community are discussed in community meetings. One important factor neighbourhoods have [...]

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How much does commercial building security cost in Toronto?

There is a constant need for the protection of commercial facilities. Hence, the topic becomes more pertinent by the day. Daily, commercial buildings face risks and threats that can leave them exposed and susceptible to further attacks. In light of this, there are standalone security companies with the responsibility of ensuring the security of a [...]

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