Security Guard Services: Do I Need Security Guards With Guns?

Security guard services are not just for elites and celebrities. In fact, there are numerous reasons why you might need to hire a bodyguard. Due to the perception of the society we live in, it’s forgivable to think that security guards are meant for elites and celebrities. Though security guards for hire work mostly in [...]

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Best Practices to Ensure Corporate Security

Corporate security is fast becoming one of the most uttered phrases on the lips of business owners in Toronto, Canada and the world, generally. Several companies and even small businesses have seen the need to hire a security company in Toronto to make sure that their employees and assets are secure and safe. The fact [...]

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Security Guard Training: How do Security Guards Deal with Fires?

It will surprise you to know how much is packed into the security guard training that potential security workers go through before they become certified. Asides from combat and protection skills, security guards are also trained and given diverse knowledge, which prepares them for almost every, if not all, situation they may come across during [...]

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