Homes and businesses are vulnerable, but having a professional security company look after your building can make a difference. Statistics show that crime is on the rise and that no residential or commercial building is safe from burglars and vandals. This includes those that live in a home well-equipped with the latest security systems. 

Criminals are not only a step ahead of the security system developers and policy, but they are also growing bolder. Just a few years ago, the sight of surveillance cameras and well-lit driveways scared away most criminals, but today, these measures seem to have little effect. An increasing number of residential and business owners are, therefore, turning to private security firms. But how can they protect your property from burglars and vandals? 

Professional security companies have supplemented law enforcement for several decades. In Toronto today, many homeowners claim their presence is more effective at deterring crime than high-tech security systems.

In this article, we will show you how hiring a security company is all the assurance you need that your home is safe. Keep reading to find out what a security company in Toronto does, how they work and the benefits you can enjoy from hiring one. 


What do Security Companies Do?

A professional security company is a business corporation that provides armed and unarmed security services and expertise to public and private clients. 

Security companies are often defined as primarily engaged in providing patrol services and companies such as guard dogs, body companies, security companies, and parking security services.

A security company in Toronto is usually home to a group of highly trained bodyguards and security experts. They are professionals that can help secure your building, your person and your property.

Hiring a Security Company


Why You Should Hire a Security Company for Your Home

Every security company has its approach to the protection of commercial and residential properties. However, they typically offer either manned security or supervision of the security systems. Although you can decide to use both security methods, that means extra cost because they are hired separately. A combination of manned guarding and video surveillance is typically used only by large firms due to the high costs involved.

Security systems such as burglar alarms and video surveillance have become a standard feature in both residential and commercial properties. But as mentioned earlier, the criminals are always a step ahead of the system. These days, they can break into your home or business without triggering a burglar alarm no matter how sophisticated it is. 

Surveillance cameras are a little bit more challenging to avoid, but a camera alone will not work. To be able to protect your property, you need a professional to monitor the cameras. This is where a private security company steps in. They will monitor your cameras for you so that you can get some sleep without the need to worry about your property being broken into or damaged by vandals.

Another way to protect your property is to hire manned guarding services, which are an even more effective crime deterrence. This is because they involve the physical presence of highly trained security guards who make sure that everything is locked and that no one can approach your property. 

It is also possible to hire both on- and off-site security services. This is a quite expensive way to keep your property safe, although manned guarding services sometimes also include video surveillance for minimal or no additional cost.

The benefits of hiring a private security firm are apparent. They include:

24/7 Protection

Since most burglaries and damage to properties occur during the night when everyone is asleep, remote surveillance of your security system or/and manned guarding gives the peace of mind that a trained, professional staff is looking after your property. Whether you are home or not, you don’t have to worry about whether or not your home is secure. 

Effective Visual Deterrence

Despite the fact that criminals are getting bolder, the sight of a security guard and a logo reveals that a private security company cares away more burglars than a barking dog, for instance. 

Just because your property is being looked after by a private security firm does not necessarily make it 100% burglar- and vandal-proof. However, it reduces the risk of burglary and property damage to the barest minimum.

Security companies are a human presence that adds a significant complication to the plans of vandals and burglars. Unlike home security equipment that is predictable, security companies can alter their routes and routines to make it more difficult for burglars to predict where they will be at any given time. Security companies in uniform are also frequently mistaken as police officers from a distance, which adds to their ability to act as a deterrent.

They can Recognize Potential Threats

A security company with intelligent and well-trained guards can also recognize potential hazards and security risks, allowing you to deal with them before they can be exploited. A good security company reports anything wrong with the property and can fix a lot of simple problems while on duty.

Private security guards can also arrest anyone who trespasses on your property. They are not police officers, so it qualifies as a private person’s arrest. The detained person then gets transferred into the custody of the police department. This functions as another deterrent.

Monitors Security Equipment 

Companies also help ensure that your security equipment stays in working order. Security system maintenance is part of a guard’s job description. It is important that you check the status of motion detectors and heat sensors, cameras, window and door sensors, and control panels. The security guard then reports anything that isn’t working optimally, so the equipment is fixed quickly.

Monitors Security Equipment 


Hiring a Security Company For Your Home: What You Need to Know

Before hiring a security company, you should educate yourself about the cost. You either have to pay a security guard personally or hire a security company. That company then pays the guard a percentage of what you pay.

The other disadvantage is supervision. Security companies have contractual obligations to various clients. This obligation includes the fact that they have to provide a certain number of officers to a given post. If the company cannot supply the contracted number of companies, it is in breach of contract. 

The security business has a notoriously high turnover rate. Therefore, security companies have to hire new people frequently. As a result, some companies often have a higher demand for security guards than they have a supply to meet it. This results in people being hired who aren’t adequately qualified to perform those job duties. 

The severity of this problem varies state to state and company to company. Although Toronto requires companies to be licensed and to go through a training program, however, some other states in Canada don’t.

Because of this issue, you have to ensure you are working with a security company that is capable of protecting your home the way you need them to. This is especially problematic on late night shifts, where guards are more likely to fall asleep, disappear, or show up late when they’re not supervised.

If you decide to hire a  security company for your home, take these steps to get the most value for your dollar:

  • Verify that the security company is properly licensed for security work if you live in a state where licensing is available. If you want your guards armed, that requires additional licensing.
  • Look for security companies that have previous security or law enforcement experience. Hiring former police officers will cost you more money, but you can be sure of their level of experience.
  • Consider placing electronic sensors around your property that your companies check using an electric wand. The wand keeps track of when each sensor is hit, and this allows you to keep track of your guard’s movements if you aren’t sure that he/she is patrolling the property effectively. The materials and software to do this add to your cost, but it can provide additional peace of mind.
  • Research any security companies you’re thinking of hiring. Talk to other clients that have worked with that company in the past and find out how satisfied they were with the company’s performance.
  • Sign a short-term agreement with a security company, if possible, to give yourself a trial run before you commit to anything long-term.
  • Read every line of any security contract before signing it, and make sure you know how to get out of it if you are not happy with the services provided.

Security companies are resource. Only you can decide if they are a resource that benefits you in a way where the rewards outweigh the costs. While more typically used for businesses, security companies are frequently present on expensive properties with large houses that are more likely to attract unwanted visitors. 

The key is hiring the right people. Through research and a little trial and error, you can find a team worth investing in that helps ensure your home or business remains secure.

Monitors Security Equipment 



Professional security guards can help you maintain the security of your home. Your home should be a safe space. You shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not you are safe in your own home. 

This is where a reliable security company comes in. Depending on your budget, you can hire security guards to patrol your home. Alternatively, you can request for experts to monitor your home remotely. You can also request that experts handle the security equipment in your home. 

Are you wondering where to hire a security company for your home? We have got security experts that can take care of the security needs of your home. Call us today!

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