For business owners and individuals that feel the need for protection every time they leave their residences, hiring the services of a team of bodyguards is highly advised for these people. Security agencies have given their security personnel special training to acquire the skills and knowledge to become effective bodyguards. People usually hire the services of security guards to secure their properties from any unlawful situations from causing distractions and problems. However, these security guards do not possess the technical skills needed to act as close-in security personnel. Bodyguards are the ones who have this kind of training. This article will be discussing how you should go about when availing the services of bodyguards.

Availing Bodyguard Services from A Security Agency

For those who wish to hire a bodyguard, it is as easy as inquiring and transacting with any security agency within the area. However, there are multiple factors that need to be considered before going about hiring just any bodyguard from any security agency. Below are some major tips that should affect how the final decision in hiring a bodyguard is made:

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You must first consider the reputation of the security agency that is offering the bodyguard services

o   Before looking into the specifics of the bodyguard that would be hired, you must first look into the security agency. You must check if the agency has the required licenses and permits to operate within the province or country. You should also consider the experience that the security agency has. Agencies that have been in the industry longer just mean that they were able to satisfy their clients since they were able to stay in business for over a period of time. You can do further research on their clients to check if there have been problems with their services that may pose a concern to you. Also, you should also look into the training the security personnel had undergone, so you can do further research if they are enough for the bodyguards to do their jobs.

You should also look at your budget and compare prices from different reputable security agencies

o   Always make it a point to have a basis for comparison when it comes to the pricing of the bodyguard services of security agencies. Hiring bodyguards may be costly as these people are highly-skilled professionals who are regularly trained with new techniques and technologies within the security industry. You must also consider whether you will only be getting one bodyguard or if you will need a team of security professionals that would act as bodyguards solely to protect you on a regular basis. This would determine the cost you will incur when availing of such service. Try to discuss with the security agency if you wish to add customizations to the service being offered. Every person will have some unique situations and needs from their bodyguards.

Ensure that the bodyguard or team of bodyguards that will be assigned to protect you are certified and properly trained

o   Before signing a contract with the security agency, you should ask to meet the security personnel that would be assigned to be your bodyguards. You should be given the chance to ask them important questions that you can use to determine if they are the right people for the job. Always check each of their security licenses to ensure that they are currently licensed to work in Ontario, Canada. You should also try to conduct a detailed background check on all of them since you will be relying on their expertise to keep you secure and safe on a daily basis. Check their training records to see who you would prefer to stay close to and who you think should act as the security driver and the bodyguards who would be assigned to check the sites before your arrival.

Lastly, you should ensure that a fair contract is created by the security agency.

o   Before you finalize things, you must have a security professional and a lawyer examine any contract that is created between you and the agency. This will ensure that you will be getting the most out of the services that you avail and that there is no chance for any legal issues whenever the time comes and you feel that you might need to change the personnel assigned to be your bodyguard. There will always be a chance that you may not like how the personnel are handling their jobs, and you would wish to change some of the bodyguards with new members.

Qualities Of A Bodyguard

It is important for people to understand the qualities a bodyguard should have. Bodyguards should have the capability and skills to effectively protect the safety of their VIPs (very important people). If you are interested in availing the services of a team of bodyguards, you should check the background and history of the personnel that a security agency may assign to you. Here are some qualities bodyguards need to have to be able to ensure that they will do their jobs at the best of their abilities:

They should be trustworthy

o   Since bodyguards will be working very closely with their employers, they must make sure that their actions and the way they communicate with their employers will be enough reason for the employers to trust them. As employers, you may talk to the members of the security team that will be assigned to you. Try to ask questions to check if they have the tendency to lie to you. If you feel uncomfortable with some of the members of the team, you should negotiate with the security agency to replace those you feel will not be a good part of the security team.


Bodyguards should have good physical fitness

o   As a customer, you should make sure that you are getting high-quality bodyguards. By considering how the bodyguards look physically, you may already get an idea which members you would like to include in the security team detail or those you would like to be replaced. If bodyguards have good physical fitness, this will make customers feel at ease since the bodyguards will be able to physically guard them in circumstances where their lives are being threatened.

It is important for bodyguards to be able to communicate well in all situations

o   It is very important for VIPs to have good communication with their bodyguards. This will be a way for VIPs to inform the bodyguards regarding their appointments. Bodyguards who can communicate well will be able to have a good working relationship with each other. Customers are assured that miscommunication will be prevented and strategies or plans being created will be easily understood by all the members of the security team.

Bodyguards must be familiar with the restrictions imposed by the Ontario government

o   Customers should make sure that the bodyguards do not forget the rules imposed by the Ontario government to all types of security personnel. This is crucial because customers do not want to face any legal issues if the bodyguards assigned would perform actions that they are not allowed to do. An example of this is the rule which does not allow bodyguards to carry firearms at all times. Employers will have to ensure that this rule will not be broken, or it may cause some repercussions to some members of the security detail and the employer as well.

A bodyguard should be trained with advanced professional driving skills

o   If the members of the security detail have the advanced skills of professional drivers, this will be very useful and may save the employer from dangerous situations. Since high net worth individuals may have people envying or plotting against them, it is very important that employers will be prepared for any situation. Bodyguards are known to set up strategies and plans with regards to the itineraries of their VIPs. This will help their employers reach their appointments safely since criminals will not be able to identify the routes the employers will be using.

You Should Only Hire Bodyguards From Reputable Security Agencies

It is very important for employers to transact with reputable security agencies. It may be costly to hire a security team from trusted agencies, but this type of investment has numerous benefits. These security agencies only hire licensed security guards. This means that before they are trained to be turned into bodyguards, they are already familiar with the basic skills a security guard must have. Bodyguards trained from these security agencies attain advanced knowledge and tools for them to properly do their jobs. These bodyguards are focused on protecting their VIPs at all times. The main role for a bodyguard is to ensure that the VIP will be secure as they travel to their destinations.

Also, a security team will ensure that these destinations are also swept from any type of threat that may be waiting for them. If you are in need of a close-in security detail, you may contact Northern Force Security at (647) 982-1385. Our security personnel have been trained with the latest methodologies and are skilled enough to use advanced tools developed for the security industry.