Companies in Toronto can hire security guards for a number of reasons, including personal protection and the protection of assets. Regardless of why you need one, the costs of hiring a security guard in this city can vary depending on several factors.

Here we’ll discuss what determines how much you’ll be expected to pay for different security guard services in Toronto.

What Determines the Cost of Hiring Security Guards in Toronto?


Your location within the city is one of the first things that affect the price. For example, if you need to hire security guards to work in a suburban area, you’ll pay far less than you would in a more high-profile area. Here, security companies can charge you up to $70 CAD per hour/per guard for their services, while in the suburban area, you’ll rarely pay more than $30 per hour.

Threat Level

Certain companies, such as financial institutions, museums and art galleries, educational facilities, and government establishments, are exposed to higher threat levels. They, and a certain number of high-profile individuals, need protection 24/7.

Hiring a security guard for this type of threat level is more expensive than part-time, low-level guard services. The amount you’ll pay, however, also depends on several other factors.

Number of Working Hours

Security agencies provide a different level of protection. However, regardless of the services you opt for, you’ll pay per the time you were receiving them. The longer the services are rendered, the higher the price you’ll need to pay for them.

Short-term services are typically provided on a per-hour basis, which, in Toronto, costs from $30-$80. Larger projects can be paid for on a daily basis, and it’s not uncommon to pay over $1,000 per day for security guards.

number of working hours

Type of Security You Need

In Toronto, there are different levels of security guard services. Here are the most common types of services you can hire here:

Unarmed Security Agents

For unarmed security services, agencies will charge you up to $600-$800 per day. They are trained to protect without using a weapon, they place importance on patrolling surrounding areas to ensure their target is protected. The agencies that provide this type of service also offer a full itinerary and scheduling services, so you’ll know what to expect from them day by day.

Armed Security Guards

Unlike unarmed security agents, armed guards carry weapons with them. In Toronto, armed security guards can be hired for personal protection and the protection of high-value assets like money. For this type of service, you will be expected to pay $800-$1000 per day.

Full-Time Guards

A full-time guard is a protection that costs between $1200-$1700 per day. This includes round-the-clock security for private persons, and companies conducting on-site customer service.

They can do everything from patrolling to screening people entering the building and cars that come near your facility. The work is typically done in 8-hour shifts, with 3 persons sharing the amount you pay for them per day.

Event Security

Event security guards are the second more popular option for hired security services, only surpassed by full-time guards. They can help monitor your events in exchange for as little as $60 per event.

If you require your guards to visit the venue prior to the event, this may cost you a little more. If you need your security guards to provide first aid as well in case of an emergency, this will cost you more than just regular patrolling.

Event security guards patrol the grounds, buildings, and even entire neighborhoods, paying attention to every detail. They can also be responsible for escorting guests to and from your event venue. They are usually paid per hour, so how much you pay depends on how long your event will last.

Event security guards usually follow a chain of command, beginning with a supervisor responsible for each operation at your event. Security guards in Toronto often work alongside the local police, alerting them when there is a disturbance they can’t resolve.

Top-Level Security Detail

This is a special type of VIP protection associated with high-profile businesses, entertainment industries, and the political sector. Agencies offering this service provide full-time bodyguards who go through rigorous training from time to time.

Top-level security guards work in a team of 6-10 people, with each member earning $160-200 per hour, depending on the agency they are employed by.

Travel Expenses

If the security guard is expected to travel during working hours, this will also bump up the protection costs. Travel expenses and meals are typically included in the security agency’s pricing chart and quote.

You may also be expected to take care of every expense as it arises. Depending on the level of protection you need, the overall costs of hiring a security guard with travel expenses can go well above $90,000 per year.

travel expenses

Final Thoughts

The level of protection and the type of security you need, the number of hours the guard is expected to work, and possible travel expenses will all affect how much you will be expected to pay for security guard services in Toronto.

Fortunately, there are services available for different types of needs and budgets, so everyone can find the most suitable option. Make sure to do proper research and contact the company you consider hiring for more detailed quotes for the services you need.