As one who needs protection, you must have considered the thought of hiring a bodyguard. It is an excellent option to consider when you are in desperate need of personal security. However, the point where most people back out is when they think about the processes involved in hiring a bodyguard. Where exactly do you begin?

It is no longer news that crime rates in Toronto have been on the rise for the past few years. Most homeowners have reported cases of theft, attacks, burglary and loss of properties to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP}. Reports have also reached the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), and actions are being taken to ensure the security of Canadian citizens.

You may have fallen victim to theft or violent behaviour and decided that it is time to hire the service of a private security officer. That is why we have written this article exclusively for you. 

In this article, we will take a closer look at how to hire a bodyguard and discuss some critical questions you need to ask before hiring bodyguard services in Toronto.


Do you need a bodyguard?

As already established above, celebrities and VIPs are not the only people that need private security. Any individual exposed to threats due to one reason or the other can also consider this option. 

For example, an individual going through a rough divorce, a lawyer working a controversial case, money handlers or CEOs of companies in a highly competitive market may also need a bodyguard. The point is, anyone who is need of personal security can hire a bodyguard from a Toronto security agency.

Law offenders have no respect for the law in any way whatsoever. They will do everything in their power to harm you. If you are in any situation where your safety and the safety of your family may be compromised, you should seriously consider private security. 

So, do you need a bodyguard? The answer is yes. There are so many benefits to hiring one, but we’ll only touch on some significant reasons why you need a bodyguard.

Protection from physical harm

Bodyguards are well-trained in martial arts, weapon handling and first aid to mention a few. So, if any case of attack or injury occurs, you are in safe hands.

A bodyguard is aware of danger zones. They make use of GPS technology to handle your movement and transportation. They have first-hand knowledge of your city. Therefore, if you live in Toronto or Vancouver, they are aware of the routes you should avoid to keep you and your family safe.

Bodyguards can sense people’s motives

Most bodyguard agencies in Canada train their guards in human psychology. A security guard can know what a criminal is thinking and what they are capable of doing. Having a bodyguard around you will protect you from criminals.

Your peace of mind is guaranteed

With a bodyguard around, you can worry less about your safety and divert your energy into something more productive.

They can multitask

Bodyguards in Toronto are versatile. This means they can also perform non-security-related tasks such as driving, chaperoning, running particular errands, and so on.

Bodyguards deter lawless individuals

Security guards in Toronto act as visual deterrents. Their huge frames and the weapons they carry is enough to scare off would-be attackers.  

By now, it is easy to see that bodyguards have a lot of benefits for you. So how do you go about hiring one? Keep reading to find out!


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How to hire a bodyguard

When considering hiring a bodyguard, the first thing to do is to identify your needs. Examine your situation and determine the security problems you are facing. Is someone stalking you? Are you receiving threat letters? 

It is necessary to be aware as this will determine your security needs. That way, you can answer questions like what type of security suits you best? Do you need a guard dog or do you prefer a human? Hiring a dog is not a wrong suggestion, but some people are allergic to dogs. Plus, it might be a burden to some.

If you need a professional security officer in Toronto, follow the steps below. They will help you figure out how to hire a bodyguard that best suits you and your needs.

Step 1: What’s your budget?

There are tons of private security companies in Canada that offer professional protection services, starting at 30 CAD per hour. However, there are different types of protective services provided by these companies. 

They fall into various categories, and the one you go for depends on what your budget looks like and what your needs are. Let’s take a look at some of the categories:

Event security

They charge from 30 to 50 CAD per hour. Event security guards are used mainly at events. Their responsibilities usually include:

  • Patrolling event area
  • Guest screening
  • Controlling disputes etc. 

They are responsible for escorting VIP guests to their seats and out of the premises after the event. This type of protective service is right for you if you only need security when making appearances at events or hosting events.

Security drivers

If you need a trained professional to drive you everywhere you go, this is your best bet. These drivers come in two categories: armed and unarmed. The type to go for depends on what makes you comfortable. They charge up to 400 to 600 CAD per day.

Security drivers are well-trained, usually have a background with the RCMP. They know the streets of Toronto like the back of their hand. If you need adequate security personal to drive you around, you might need to hire a security driver/ guard in Toronto.

Personal security agents

These guards are skilled in futuristic planning. They help you navigate your day meticulously. They are also available for travel. So, if you need to leave the country, they will be there with you every step of the way. 

They usually charge within the range of 600 – 800 CAD per day. In the case of travel, travel expenses such as ticketing, hotel booking, feeding may increase the cost.

Personal bodyguards

Depending on your needs, you could go for around-the-clock 24-hour surveillance bodyguards or hourly-shift bodyguards. Their job is to screen cars coming in and out of your compound, visitors, guests and everyone that has direct access to you. They scout buildings, patrol your vicinity and ensure you and your properties are safe.

You should budget about 12000 to 1500 CAD per day. You can also opt for single or multiple bodyguards all depending on your needs and lifestyle.

Executive protection

This is for people with huge security risks such as royals, the biggest names in entertainment and politics etc. They usually come in teams of 8 to 10 men and are priced at about 120 to 160 CAD per person hourly.

Guard dogs

You can get a specially- trained security German shepherd for a one-off price of 20000 CAD.

Examine your budget thoroughly and choose which fits into it. 

Step 2: Know what suits you and your lifestyle

Why do you want private security services in Toronto? What is your aim of hiring a bodyguard? These questions are critical. Bodyguards are protective services, and there are different types which have been discussed extensively in the first step.

If you are a VIP with high net value, you should go for executive protection. If you need a subtle form of security, someone who can blend in with the crowd, follow you around to the mall, business meetings, etc., you might want to consider a personal bodyguard or security driver. 

They are well-trained to adapt to any lifestyle and still carry out their services effectively. Therefore, take your time to go through the categories and decide which is best for you before hiring one.

Step 3: Decide on the type of physique you prefer

Bodyguards are usually built and muscular. This is mostly as a result of the rigorous professional training they undergo. Depending on your personal preference, you may go for a 350-pound tall, huge bodyguard. Most people prefer them because they double as huge visual deterrents. From afar, criminals can determine their presence and stay away.

On the other hand, some bodyguards are regular-looking and can pass for an ordinary young man with no security training or background. They can easily blend in and are mostly unnoticeable. You should know that their looks do not affect their effectiveness in any way. 

The choice you make depends on your level of threat. If it’s high, you can consider the hefty-looking guys. If you need lowkey security, you can opt for regular-looking bodyguards. Whatever frame you go for depends on your preference

Step4: Educate yourself on private security licensing

Go on the internet and carry out proper research. Check the requirements for a bodyguard licence in Canada. The condition is different for different states. If you live in Toronto, limit your search to Toronto. 

It is advisable not hire a bodyguard with only a state licence as some states can issue permits to an under-trained bodyguard. Hire private security with federal licences.

Step 5: Confirm that your bodyguard is certified

There is a considerable difference between licensing and certification. A licence can be issued even to an untrained bodyguard. 

However, the certificate of training is necessary to prove that a bodyguard is well-trained and has met the requirements of being a professional bodyguard. Do your research. Go through a list of training centres in Canada that issues certificates to bodyguards. Confirm that your prospective bodyguard has gone through that training.

Step 6: Conduct a background-check

You have to be sure you are not hiring a criminal as a bodyguard. Contact your security agency and ask for a profile of the guard you want to hire. You can also search the web and check for any criminal records. If you can afford to pay for a criminal history check, do so. One cannot be too safe.

Step 7: Test their skill set

Set up a one-on-one meeting with your preferred bodyguard. Ask about their skillset. Do not under any circumstances, believe when they tell you that they meet all your required skill set. Ensure you test them. 

To be sure are making the right choice, you should check for the applicant’s driving skill, martial art skills, knowledge of access control systems, ability to multitask, ability to act under pressure and computer skills.

You could also ask your applicants to tell you about their experience in the security business and how they have used their skills to dispense their duties in the past.

Step 8: Check portfolio

Go through your applicant’s portfolio thoroughly. Ask him/her for names of past employers. You can also call the employer to confirm. Look out for unique qualities like responsiveness, integrity, commitment, attention to details and discretion


Questions to ask a prospective bodyguard

The answers to these questions will make sure that yourself and a prospective bodyguard are on the same page. Ask them during an initial meeting with your future bodyguard.

  • What is your daily rate?
  • Does a more extended period come with a discount?
  • Can you provide references?
  • How many years of experience do you have?
  • Do you have insurance?
  • Is he/she vetted?
  • What method of communication is best? 
  • Is any equipment required? e.g. first aid, radio etc.
  • What is the legal status of the parent security company?
  • Can your security guard sign a confidentiality contract?
  • Do you need a service contract? 


In conclusion, do not forget to go through all the steps on how to hire a bodyguard religiously. Omitting a step or two is not advisable. 

Hiring a bodyguard yourself can be a complicated task. Thankfully as a private security agency in Toronto, we can give you all the answers you need without any problems. Contact us today to hire the best private security services that fit your needs and budget today!