As companies get bigger, there is an increase in the need for these businesses to hire the services of licensed security. Depending on the jobs these licensed security guards are assigned to do, there may be the need for some of them to be armed with guns to be effective. This is an issue for companies that do not acquire security services from authorized security agencies. Security agencies that offer armed security guards are known to have accountability of these personnel and ensure that they are properly trained for their specific roles.

Ontario Law for Armed Security Guards

Companies that wish to hire their own security guards and issue them firearms may not be allowed to do so by the government, not only from the province of Ontario, but from Canada. There are strict rules in place for people to be allowed to carry firearms within the country. This includes the security guards and bodyguards that companies may employ to protect their properties.

Security guards and bodyguards are not allowed to freely carry firearms. In most cases, they may be allowed to hold firearms when they are guarding precious metals or cash. They are only allowed to use their firearms when there is an immediate threat towards these cash or precious metals. But before they are even deployed and given these firearms, they are required to get their Possession and Acquisition Licenses (PAL). Also, they are also required to work for security agencies that have been authorized by the government of Ontario.

Hiring Armed Security Guards

Important Things To Know About the Possession And Acquisition License (PAL)

It is important for companies to be familiar with the licensing process of the PAL. This ensures that the security personnel hired to protect their cash and precious metals are legally capable and ready to act accordingly with the responsibility of carrying their own firearms. You may refer below to some of the important things to know about the PAL:

  •       Interested firearm applicants are required to finish the Canadian Firearms Safety Course (CFSC). This required course is necessary because it teaches future firearm owners important lessons such as basic firearm safety practices, actions when operating firearms, firing procedures and techniques, storage and handling of firearms, and the responsibilities of firearm owners or users. If applicants wish to own or handle guns that are considered to be restricted, types of restricted guns include handguns and rifles, they will need to take the Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course (CRFSC). After finishing the courses, the applicants will then take a safety exam that usually has a minimum passing mark of 80%.
  •       For applicants who were successful in passing the safety exam, they can proceed with their applications. The applicants will go through a variety of background checks. Investigations may be conducted if deemed necessary. It takes a minimum of 45 days for the application to be processed.
  •       For applicants who are applying for licenses for restricted firearms, they  will have to accomplish additional paperwork before their applications are completed.

Hiring Armed Security Guards From A Security Agency In Toronto

Since it is important that you protect your business with trustworthy armed security guards, you should ensure that you avail the services from a reputable security agency. There are various things to consider on how you would hire armed security guards. You may refer below to some of the important things you need to keep in mind when hiring armed security guards for your company:

  •       Check all the licenses and the types of firearms that the security agency is issuing to its security guards

o   You should always make sure that the firearms the security guards are using are obtained legally. You do not want your business to run into problems with the government. It is still up to you to do background checks on the firearms that the security agencies will be issuing to their security guards. In addition, you should also research the reputation of the security agencies that you get in touch with. This is very important because you need to be sure that other than the firearms, the security agency is deploying authorized and licensed security guards to your property. You should ask the security agency to show you the documentation of each of the personnel it plans to send to your company. The documentation you should look for must include the personnel’s security guard licenses and the trainings that they had gone through. With regards to the reputation of the security agency, you may look at its past clients and ask them about the experiences they had with the security agency.

  •       Compare the costs from various security agencies

o   You should always be cost-effective when choosing which security agency you would transact with. One of the reasons that prices may vary between security agencies are the training and types of firearms that they are giving their security guards. Since the main reason why you are allowed to hire armed security guards is because you have cash or precious metals that you may need to have secured and protected, you should always get the best possible firearms and personnel.

  •       Ensure that the security agency is accountable with its personnel and it gives you a fair contract

o   A fair security agency is accountable for all the actions its personnel may do in your office or property. Any lapses made by the security guards that would cause the company losses should be answered by the security agency. This would also show you that the security agency is offering the best services possible since it is willing to put its reputation at risk.

Ensure That You Hire The Best Licensed Armed Security Guards

Do not put your property at risk by hiring security guards who are not properly trained. Security is one of the most crucial factors that would help businesses to succeed. Hiring licensed security guards that are issued with licensed firearms should always be the priority to ensure that your business avoids getting into problematic situations with the government. If you are looking for a reputable security agency in Toronto that is authorized to provide armed security guards, then you may contact Northern Force Security at (647) 982-1385.