Security of life and property is as paramount as it can get, that is not disputed. With technology, security has gone many steps further than what it used to be some years back. There are so many innovative technologies employed in defence of home and properties. Homes and properties can fall victims of robbery and invasion, and with a well-developed security system, you can avoid these unwanted situations.

Your home, institution and commercial establishment need a defence system, a reliable one at that. Technology makes this easier. Even if you are going to be away for a very long time, you can rest assured that your property won’t be invaded. This is thanks to various technological defence systems in place.


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With the aid of camera systems, alarm systems, and even motion detection systems, you can effectively monitor your property. Imagine a motion detection system that detects movement around your property and sends you a notification or real-time live feed of what is going on. It is easy to say nothing beats this system. However, you can never overemphasize the place of real security guards. 

Technology has come a long way in helping us ensuring security on our property, but there is always an asset edge that a human being monitoring your property gives you. Mobile Patrol is a great way to ensure safety in Toronto. In fact, the cost of mobile patrol security is not as daunting as the cost of installing high-tech systems. This article will discuss all of the advantages of mobile patrol services and the factors that determine the cost in Toronto.

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What is Mobile Patrol Security?

Mobile patrol security is one aspect of security that involves officers moving around your property at stipulated times. This form of protection is very cost-efficient, and in spite of this, it is a handy and very useful way to protect your property against thefts and other invasive activities. Mobile patrol security officers are mainly used in cases where stationary security officers cannot be stationed due to the high cost involved. 

One advantage of this system of security over others is that it can be custom-made to requirements by the owner. With the right security company, it is possible to have access to security officers with high training and are flexible enough to perform their duties as per your requirement. Professional security companies also make it possible for you to monitor and makes reviews of reports, and activities of the security guards on your property. 

Mobile patrol security officers are saddled with the following responsibilities:

  • Foot inspection
  • Drive-by patrol
  • Time-restricted lock up & unlocks
  • Alarm response
  • Safety escort
  • Mechanical room inspection
  • Sprinkler room inspections
  • Fire watch patrols, etc. 

The security company you employ matters, you should make sure to hire the services of a company with trained personnel. 

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Cost of mobile patrol security in Toronto

Toronto is a busy city, and there is a need for your extra effort in the bid of maintaining security. Getting security hired for your property is as easy as it can get. However, there is every possibility that you may be worried about the cost of mobile patrol security in Toronto. 

The thing is, securing your property is not as costly as you think. In fact, the cost of hiring patrol security in Toronto can go as high as 2000CAD. It is pertinent that you know that this cost is solely dependent on the services that the company offers. It is also reliant on the service you would need them to provide. 

Various services are being offered by mobile security services. These services are what make them preferable to automated systems. They are also determining factors when it comes to the cost of mobile patrol in Toronto.

Patrol both interior and exterior areas

Having a patrol security system holds many benefits, and one of them is the constant observation and monitoring of your property. This is a very cost-effective solution to keeping your property safe from unwanted invasion. With mobile security, there will be a larger area of your property covered and monitored closely. This is a huge contrast to the small space that will be covered by static security guards. 

Also, having a patrol service on your property will serve as a visual deterrent for invaders. In the event of any incident, patrol guards are bound to offer rapid response, as well as curtailing the situation. 

With the aid of their vehicles, mobile guards can keep a close watch on every area of your property. Also, since the security officers are portable, they would be able to keep a closer watch on susceptible areas of an attack on your property. When you hire them, they immediately become familiar with the terrain of the property, knowing just where to monitor and place more attention. 

During the patrol of the nooks and crannies of your property, a mobile patrol is bound to perform some functions, which include;

  • The comprehensive search of all properties
  • The everyday motoring and maintenance of your property’s security system. 
  • Ensuring that the fire safety security protocols are being implemented
  • The prevention of loss of value on the property
  • The curating and writing of reports with regard to the overall security of the property. 
  • Control and respond to alarms, as well as being responsible for the keys to the premises.

The security officers are trained to maintain top-level security of properties, hence preventing unnecessary losses, which is detrimental to property owners. With the right security company handling mobile patrol for your property, there is sure to be a reduction in the risk faced, cost incurred as well as the inconveniences experienced. 

In some facilities, security officials serve as key holders, and they are responsible for the opening and closing of the property premises. With this, you would know who to turn to if there is any breach of security. Also, mobile security officers are trained to offer rapid responses to alarms going off on the property.

When the cause of the signal has been duly ascertained, necessary steps are taken to combat the situation and optimize the system to avoid a future attack. Various actions can be taken if the alarm system goes off for whatever reason. They can reset the alarms, and they can also liaise with emergency services to apprehend culprits. 

Execution of health and safety protocols

If you need your mobile patrol services to offer medical and emergency health services, it can drive up the cost. Various security companies have their officers trained to offer guidance and advice when it comes to health and security protocols. 

Different health support that can be provided by security officials includes fire safety and emergency evacuation planning. These officers are also trained to provide first aid to injured persons. The officers have also been trained to be skilled in the execution of various safety plans. With this, they can provide healthcare-related services before the arrival of the medical practitioners. 

Monitor with mobile CCTV

In most cases, mobile security guards can access mobile CCTV units. These units are optimized for real-time monitoring when you, as the owner, are away from the property. You can have this unit with you anywhere. This unit can also be used by the security officers, as it will help them monitor places they cannot reach physically in real-time. With this monitoring, they can easily spot if there are issues and enact a swift response to them in real-time. 

You should note that not all security companies offer this service.  Experienced security companies are equipped with this technology to ensure the maximum protection of your property. Various surveillance technologies are incorporated into these systems. These technologies include; zoom, pan, tilt, and even static cameras. 

With these surveillance systems, it is possible to carry out a variety of advanced functions, which include:

  • PA systems
  • Automatic license plate detection
  • Remote monitoring equipment. These systems can even monitor and record activities in real-time. 

This is the advantage that this system brings to the security of your property. The security officers can monitor all part of your property in real-time, especially the busy and hazardous areas. Hence, they don’t miss any event when it comes to the protection of your property. 

Traffic control and regulation

When assigning mobile securities to your property, if there is a traffic accident in and around the park, they are saddled with the responsibility of ensuring peace. They keep the situation under check, to prevent imminent damage on the property, and also to get rid of distractions and disturbance around the compound. Also, mobile security officers are handy in assisting drivers with navigating traffic in and around your property. 

In a case where there are traffic issues around your property, if left unchecked, invaders might use the opportunity to find their way into your property. Hence, causing damage. By hiring, without worrying about incurring the cost of mobile patrol security, you save yourself and property from the stress and loss that might result. 

Law enforcement

Mobile security officers are able to enforce laws on your property. Hence, if there are any trespassers, they have the right to detain such persons. As part of their duties, they are also able to issue warnings and citations in the case of any offence being committed. 

This is because they need to give a report on every activity that went on around the property. Doing this, they can maintain credibility. Also, by detaining individuals, they warn others who plan to trespass on your property. 

Prevention of loss, as well as reporting and informing

Mobile security officers have various measure lined up to help you prevent loss or damage to your property. Also, since they have first-hand knowledge of your property they can secure it efficiently. 

This way, they carry out a prompt reporting of any anomaly or nonconformities on your property. And in the case of regulations being enacted on your property, they help with its communication to people. They are the enforcement authority behind the various security policies and procedures of your property. 

They make a detailed report of all the activities that went on in your absence. This way, you are up to date with the condition of the real estate. 

Equipment maintenance

Alongside the protection of various equipment and part of your property, they also work to maintain that equipment. They ensure that these equipment are operational, and this is achieved by the completion of various preventive maintenance required by such material. 

They follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter, and when needed, they can perform troubleshooting operations. Whenever the issue is beyond their technical know-how, they can reach out to technicians for proper and professional repairs. This is a secondary function they can also help you keep tabs on. Of course, if you want a security agency to help you keep tabs on your property, it is going to affect the cost of mobile patrol security. 

Proactive security

They don’t need to wait until there is an incident before they take measures to protect your property. With expertise and experience that has been acquired over time, they know the right strategy to preventive patrol inspections. 

They also execute other preventive measures to combat invaders proactively. They are also able to provide expert security consultations, guiding on the right security systems and actions that are well adapted for your property type. With their various recommendations, your property is safer and less prone to other damages and misbehaviour.



Whatever property you have, either construction sites, hotels, personal homes, schools, etc. you can’t overemphasize the need for mobile patrol. The cost of mobile patrol security should not deter you from getting the customized service for your property. Having a fence around structures will never be enough safety against vices or vandalism. 

With mobile patrol services, you are sure that suspicious activities will be duly monitored around your property, all day long. This will restrict access by intruders, hence, safety. Unlike static security guards, mobile patrol guards can reach farther and do an all-round check of the surrounding, and respond as fast as possible. 

This is an efficient service that will perfectly suit your budget. However, with this detailed exposition into what mobile security patrol entails, you can better understand the cost of mobile patrol in Toronto.

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