Security guard services are not just for elites and celebrities. In fact, there are numerous reasons why you might need to hire a bodyguard. Due to the perception of the society we live in, it’s forgivable to think that security guards are meant for elites and celebrities. Though security guards for hire work mostly in keeping burglars away from VIPs, however, this doesn’t limit them to the creme de la creme of society.

Security guards work exclusively for everyone. Notably, there are many reasons why people hire security guards in Toronto. However, these reasons have nothing to do with your status in society. Whether you are a celebrity or not, you can hire a personal security guard. 

There are a variety of reasons why you may need to hire security guard services. For instance, maybe you feel a bit unsafe or threatened in an environment and need some extra safety cushion in the form of security. Also, you may hire a security guard in Toronto as a precaution for the future or prevent unforeseen circumstances. 

A security guard provides many essential services for individuals who seek protection against potential hazardous or dangerous situations. However, there are different types of security guards in Toronto. While some security guards are allowed to use arms, i.e. guns, etc., some are not allowed to use them. 

Under the Ontario Criminal Code, possession of handguns requires authorization to carry. However, how do you know if you need security guards with guns? This is an individual assessment you must make based on your business type or unique situation. This article will enlighten you more on why you may need members of your security guard team in Toronto to carry a gun. 

Security Guard Services


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Security Guard Services:  What They Do

Security guard services include the inspection and patrol of commercial or residential property against theft, illegal activity, and terrorism. Also, their services include monitoring of buildings and individuals in a bid to prevent disaster or crime. Security guards are often hired to keep you, your people, your assets, and your valuables safe from threat. 

A security guard has the right to;

  • Control contractors, visitors, and employee’s access.
  • Conduct credible checks over a pre-agreed area.
  • Interview witnesses for their testimony in court.
  • Monitor closed-circuit TV cameras and alarms.
  • Detain violators of crimes.
  • Protect and enforce laws on an employer’s property.
  • Write extensive reports describing what he/she observed while on patrol.

Additionally, security guards must stay alert every time they are on duty. They are expected to be attentive and be wary of happenings out of the scope of normalcy while on duty. In the event of an emergency, security guards are trained to request for assistance from fire, ambulance or police services. This is to ensure the safety of your life and properties.


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Why Security Guards With Guns?

There are various reasons why an individual may need security guards with guns. Although the most prevalent reason why security guards with guns are an option is to protect valuables assets. However, there are many more reasons. 

Generally, daylight robbery is not something we’re not used to anymore. However, one primary reason why such a lousy act happens continuously is owning valuables goods in the form of cash and jewellery. 

If you’re a business mogul or you work for a corporate firm that deals with assets of enormous value, security guards with guns maybe your best option. Having security guards that handle arms helps in warding off potential robbers and burglars easily. 

Security guards in Canada must apply for a Possession and Acquisition License to handle guns and also work with a security firm approved by the Ontario government. This is an added advantage as it’s certain you’re getting a professional security guard service to protect your goods in transit.

Usually, security guards are well built and hefty-looking because they engage in regular workouts and fitness training. Also, their colossal frame sends fear down the spine of anyone who may dare to attack you. However, a security guard possessing a gun carries a more significant threat to any potential attacker on your home, office or valuables. Also, security guards are allowed to wield weapons when the situation demands quick acts to save lives and properties.

A security guard should always be on the watch for any abnormal event or behaviour that could indicate harm. This is why it’s crucial to have a professional security guard with a high level of alertness as well as excellent eyesight and hearing. 

They could also be able to detect when a particular scenario sounds strange or abnormal. With this knowledge, a security officer can stay proactive, responding speedily to all emergencies. With guns, you can rest assured that your highly trained security guard can protect you completely. 

Security Guard Services


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Do I Need Security Guards With Guns?

This is more of personal preference and your environmental situation. If you’re a business owner with a lot of valuables in the form of cash and jewellery, you do need security guards.

You may need to hire the services of security guards with guns if you:

Are Popular

If you’re famous or a VIP, it’s ideal to hire the services of security guards. There is no doubt that things can get out of control when dealing with obsessed fans or individuals. Also, because you’re recognizable with apparently significant net worth, you’ll need to ensure that you’ve security guards around you.

If you’re visiting public places with a presumably large crowd, you should consider hiring the services of professional security guards with guns. Armed guards offer an extra sense of protection that may be needed if you are popular.

Are Transporting Valuable Goods or Information

If you’re a business owner or someone that regularly transports valuable or highly-sensitive information, then you should hire security guard services. For instance, if you’re transporting large sums of money, valuable jewellery, or classified materials, then you’ll undoubtedly need armed security services

Security guards with guns are trained to spot any danger before it wreaks havoc, and thus prevent any form of attack on your valuables. Even if you’re not seemingly exposing any valuables, it’s always discreet to err on the side of caution. A security guard for hire service will provide you with the personnel security necessary to safely transport your cash and goods. 

Are a Prominent Activist or Politician

Generally, political debates and politics can lead to intense feelings from your supporters and opposition supporters. That’s why it’s essential to consider security guard services. If you’re a public figure in any way, it’s necessary to consider your safety every time. The same goes for being an outstanding activist, especially when you’re in a very controversial public standing 

However, hiring security guard services will provide you with the necessary and maximum security essential for your situation. An armed security guard will be able to assess your level of risk and provide you with complete protection that can give you peace of mind anywhere. Also, if you’re attending a political rally, it may be necessary to hire multiple security guards.

Are in the Executive Position of a Major Corporation

If you’re in an executive position in a big corporation, it’s ideal you hire a security guard. Having standard security guards services gives you an extra safety net. It prevents burglars and theft around your home and office.

As an executive officer of a major company, security guard services are vital, as they can protect you from different life-threatening situations.

This includes protection from kidnapping, disgruntled former employees, corporate sabotage, disgruntled employees etc.

Armed security guards ensure that every security guards with guns have duly completed advanced training in weaponry. This is because every security guard in possession of guns has to understand that not all situations warrant the use of weapons. They are expected to know how and when to use their guns and not only the technical aspects of it. 

Otherwise, an armed security guard service provider, as well as the individual handling the weapon, can be held liable for inappropriate use.


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In conclusion, if you’ve always shoved aside the need to hire security guards services with guns before now, it’s better to drop such an idea now. Security guard services in Toronto provide top-notch security in every area. For maximum protection and safety during emergencies and crises, hiring security guards with guns maybe your best option.

Additionally, you have to agree that security guards that are armed are an extremely practical hindrance to crime. Most criminal elements are less likely to commit a crime if there is a security guard with a gun in plain sight. 

An armed security guard equals more risk during the commission of a crime. Many companies and corporate entities in Toronto are starting to know this, this is why the use of security guard services are on the up. 

Whatever the case may be, we have got a security team that can fulfill your unique needs. Are you worried about hiring security guard services in Toronto? Let us help you. Call us today for the best private protection in Toronto!

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