It will surprise you to know how much is packed into the security guard training that potential security workers go through before they become certified. Asides from combat and protection skills, security guards are also trained and given diverse knowledge, which prepares them for almost every, if not all, situation they may come across during duty. This makes a security guard the ideal person you want to have by your side when the going gets tough. 

Our world today is filled with so many uncertainties regarding the safety of lives and property. This is why so many people are investing in their safety by hiring security guards. However, security guards do more than protect as their security guard training equips them with the knowledge and skills to deal with various situations, and even emergencies swiftly and efficiently. Fire outbreaks are one of these emergency scenarios. 

You never know how much you do not understand until the need arises, and you are placed on the spot. Coping with emergencies requires a lot of training and good instincts. Every security guard this in spades.

During emergencies, most people become thoughtless and cannot seem to make simple decisions. Inaction during critical moments can drastically worsen the situation and lead to extensive loss of lives and property. 

However, when you have on-site a security guard that has adequate knowledge about emergency responses and the skills to facilitate them, then the situation can easily be controlled before it worsens. 

For corporate bodies in Toronto, fire emergencies are a real danger. In this article, we will show you how security guard training prepares guards to deal with fire outbreaks.


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How are Security Guards Trained?

Security guard services in Toronto give considerable training to their agents before they send them out into the field. The security guard training involves everything from necessary combat skills to reconnaissance training and even down to human relation skills. After all, security guards work with people. Here are some of the training security guards undergo

Martial Arts and Combat Skills

This is very necessary to ensure the safety of the lives and property of the client. Every security guard is taught at the very least, basic self-defence tactics. 

Firearm Training 

Depending on where a security guard will work and the kind of clientele there, a security guard may learn about firearms and its use.

First Aid Training 

First aid skills are a necessary tool that every security guard learns before he goes out into the field. In the case of an emergency, a security guard must be able to render help to the injured and must know CPR.

Computer and Alarm System Training 

Primarily, corporate security guards, are taught about what is expected of them during emergencies. They learn the steps to take in case of any emergency to mitigate the loss of lives and property. 

Human Relation Skills 

Here, security learns how to communicate effectively with people and learn tips to control and direct a large number of people if the need arises. 

Other general knowledge, such as how to drive, is also included in security guard training. 


How Security Guards Deal with Fire Outbreaks

No one, home or company is a 100% safe from a fire outbreak. Irrespective of whatever measures may have been taken to prevent a fire, there’s an eventuality that a fire may still occur, and as such, you need to be ready. 

Having a security guard will make fire outbreaks even easier to control and manage. This is because a security guard is better equipped with the skills and knowledge to handle a fire. Here are ways through which security guards can help deal with fire outbreaks.

A Security Guard will Sound the Fire Alarm 

Security guards are always alert, and some even regularly patrol the premises in which they work. Due to this, it is more likely that a security guard will be one of the first people on the scene of a fire. He or she will first pull the fire alarm so that occupants, employees and other uncertified persons can leave the building safely.

A Security Guard will Make Appropriate Phone Calls

During fire emergencies, most people do not remember to call the fire department as they are to preoccupied with getting themselves to safety. However, due to the responsibility and training ingrained in a security guard, they make sure the appropriate calls are made to the fire service with detailed information. A security guard will also call clients if necessary, to keep them updated on the happenings.

A Security Guard can Combat the Firecorporate security

More often than not, security guards in Toronto undergo basic fire fighting training, amongst others, before they go out to work in the field. This training will prove instrumental in controlling or even totalling extinguishing fires before the arrival of the fire service and the police. Sometimes simple firefighting efforts from a security guard may be the difference between loss of lives and costly damage to the building and property. 

A Security Guard will Coordinate Evacuation 

Nobody wants to stay in a burning building. During fires, there is usually a stampede for exit points. However, when everyone is trying to get out in a frenzy, evacuation routes may sometimes be blocked. This is where a security guard comes in handy. 

Since a security guard has appropriate knowledge about various evacuation routes and procedures, they can take charge and coordinate foot traffic to make sure everyone comes out of the building safely. The human relations skills incorporated into security guard training will also prove crucial here.

A Security Guard will Account for People 

It is routine for a security guard to take headcounts after any evacuation activity. This is an important aspect of their security guard training. This is done to avoid the possibility of people being left behind during fire evacuations. 

Whether through an inability to move or lack of awareness of the ongoing situations. Whichever reason it may be, such a person is placed at a higher risk. 

Once a security guard takes a headcount, they will quickly realize if someone has been left behind or not. They can provide information to the fire service or even go back into the building if it’s not too risky.

A Security Guard will Administer First Aid

Security GuardHaving a security guard on-site during a fire outbreak will prove vital when the need arises to administer first aid treatments. Fainting due to excess smoke inhalation can occur. 

When this happens, a security guard with the proper knowledge of CPR may be your best, at least until an ambulance gets there. First aid help is one of the most important ways a security guard can help during a fire outbreak. 

Whether in a residential building or a corporate office, the duties of a security guard during a fire emergency is the same. The security guard training that every security guard undergoes helps them to be able to deal with fire outbreaks swiftly, efficiently and effectively. 


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Other Benefits of Having Security Guards

Asides from prompt response to emergency situations such as a fire outbreak, there are other benefits you can derive from having a security guard. Such benefits include 

They Keep You Safe 

Having a security guard around will no doubt help you sleep better as your mind will be at ease. Knowing there is someone that gets paid to keep you safe is always a plus. In the corporate world, it will also help customers feel better about doing business with you when they know that your offices are well secured.

They Help Deter Criminals

The presence of a team of security guards in your home or corporate offices will discourage criminals from making you a target. As such, crimes like burglary, theft, assault and vandalism will be altogether avoided. Security guards can also detect suspicious activities and control them before they become a problem. 

They Can Run Special Errands

A security guard who stays long enough eventually becomes someone you can trust. At different times, you can send a security guard to carry out particular duties, run errands and even appear as a proxy for you. A security guard may also double as a personal assistant for you!

They help Maintain Order

In the case of a corporate office with a large number of people, corporate security with adequate security guard training will prove useful in maintaining peace in the building. Even in residential blocks, a security guard will help make sure that order is kept at all times, and peaceful coexistence between residents will be achieved. 

Security Guard



Having security around comes with so many advantages, especially during unforeseen events such as a fire outbreak or related emergencies. During such a crisis, the role of a security guard cannot be overemphasized as it is quite vital. 

Being level-headed is one of the qualities that is needed to come out of every emergency safely. Competent security guards have that quality, among many other required characteristics and skills. It is, therefore, imperative for you to get yourself a security guard in both your home and office. 

If you are wondering where to get reliable and efficient security guard services in Toronto, contact us. We’ve got you!

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