Private security companies in Toronto have complimented law enforcement for numerous decades. Many business owners even attest to the fact that their presence is more productive at stopping crime than high-tech or DIY security solutions.

With several reports of violence coming from most workplaces making the headlines of recent, there is an urgent need for more security measures. Places that used to be a fortress of safety like college campuses and cultural institutions have become the focal point for violence. As a business owner, you have to understand the risk behind possible violent acts and take it seriously. 

As a business owner, one compelling place, to begin, is to look into private security companies in Toronto. Not only do these security companies provide on-site security, but many can also offer seminars, awareness, and training programs for your employees to help reduce the possibility of violent acts. If you’re thinking about hiring one of the security companies in Toronto, but are still not sure if it’s a necessity or not, then keep reading.

Security guard services are an essential factor in keeping people and property safe in public spaces. Be it in an office building, a shopping mall, or colleges, security guards are tasked with keeping everything running smoothly and safely.

Private Security Company

In this article, we’ll discuss the reasons why you should work with private security companies in Toronto. However, before we proceed, let’s take a look at security guard services and what they do.

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Security Guard Services: What They Do

A security guard is someone who guards, inspects and patrols commercial or residential property against vandalism, illegal activity, theft, fire, and terrorism. Also, they monitor buildings and people in a bid to deter crime or violent activities. In summary, they protect your assets, property, and people safe from threats.

In addition, security guards are well-trained at a higher calibre so that they can understand the basis of protection. This security guard training helps them to carry out their mission objectives, i.e. to delay, detect, deter, and respond to potential threats. A security guard’s primary mission is to protect a client’s assets, which include people, property and the reputation of the organization.

Security Guards Services Include:

  • Monitoring closed-circuit TV cameras and alarms
  • Controlling employee, contractor, and visitor access
  • Conducting security checks over an assigned area
  • Enforcing and protecting laws on an employer’s property
  • Writing comprehensive reports explaining what they observed while on patrol
  • Examining and interviewing witnesses for potential court testimony
  • Detaining criminal violators till the arrival of police
  • Securing personnel and premises by securing and monitoring every movement in every corner of the surrounding, patrolling the property, equipment, access points.
  • Obtaining help by sounding surrounding alarms
  • Preventing damages and losses by reporting unusual activities or violation to the director of security 
  • Informing violators of procedures and policy of the building or property and also restraining trespassers
  • Traffic control to avoid congestion around the premises
  • Maintains the organization’s stability and reputation by complying with legal requirements
  • Managing the environment by monitoring and setting building and equipment controls.
  • Ensuring security equipment functionality by undertaking preventive maintenance requirements; following manufacturer’s instructions; troubleshooting malfunctions; calling for repairs; evaluating new equipment and techniques.
  • Contributing to general team effort by accomplishing the assigned task and related results

Furthermore, security guards always remain alert and sharp-minded. They are always on the lookout for anything out of the ordinary. This helps your business environment to stay more peaceful and friendly to customers. In cases of emergency, security guards are trained to call for assistance from fire services, ambulance services, or police.


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Why You Should Work With Private Security Companies in Toronto

As a business owner, when faced with security challenges, businesses are often challenged with the choice of hiring their staff or contracting with a private security company. 

There are many businesses in need of security companies in Toronto. However, most have failed to pick the right choice between hiring private security companies as opposed to using DIY security solutions. 

After considering the options, we realized that hiring private security companies in Toronto have an edge over the use of DIY security solutions.

As a business owner, below are a few reasons why you should work with private security companies in Toronto.

They Provide Well-trained Security Guards

Professional security guards are knowledgeable and well-trained than your in-house security personnel. They know fully well how security issues are handled and are aware of the protocols to achieving a more secure premise. 

Also, guards from security companies in Toronto respond to threat, risks, prevent violence, examine and interview witnesses, inspecting the surroundings as safety precautions and keep victims. Additionally, a professional security guard can help you prepare a loss prevention report that is acceptable in the court of law if there is a need. 

Private Security

They Reduce Your Liability Risk

Recall that the consequences of whatever actions taken by your internal security team fall back on you. Also, the effect of the actions of your employees falls back on you, and your insurance as well. This means any internal problems within your organization falls directly on you because it’s your responsibility. 

However, private security companies in Toronto are covered with liability insurance extending to any security guards under them. This means that the private security company would take responsibility for any incidents involving their contracted security guards. They are thus reducing your liability risk and financial threats. While meeting your business’s requirements, security companies in Toronto often provide you with a legal defence. This way, hiring any professional security companies in Toronto offers you total peace of mind.

They Save You Time and Money Wasted on Training New Staff

Generally, hiring an internal security staff for your business is very time-consuming and requires funds. Firstly, you’ll need to run a job advert, interview applicants and perform background checks on potential staff. After hiring, you’ll have to spend more money and time giving them adequate training on the etiquette of security guards. However, that’s out of the picture with private security companies in Toronto. 

Private security companies in Toronto have already gone through this process for your sake. Private security companies take care of the hiring process and provide you with a Toronto security guard that is ready, willing and able to get the job done.  

Less Commotion and Inconveniences

Have you ever had to replace an employee who quit? Or someone who called off sick? As a business owner, your answer is arguably a YES to those questions accompanied by a puzzled look. Humans are not machines, so it is natural for staff to call in sick. 

However, coordinating staff schedules to accommodate sick or quitting employees can be a strenuous experience.  Therefore, hiring a private security company to keep your work schedule in check is ideal in preventing such a situation. 

On hire, private security companies are responsible for keeping your business active and well-staffed. This means you’ll be able to avoid the stress and overtime cost combined with attendance and HR-related issues.   

They Give You More Flexibility with Quality Assurance

With private security companies, you can customize your security requirements according to your business needs. However, this might not be possible if you hire in-house security. 

As a client, you can request your security company to arrange a schedule and personnel changes on a whim. You don’t have to be bothered about labour law limitations or HR implications. Once you demand, your hired security company is responsible for getting it done within the stipulated time. This gives you total free will and flexibility to attend to other high priority business affairs.

They Handle Security Matters Professionally

Private security companies in Toronto handle security matters more effectively than DIY security resources. Notably, training a professional security guard team has its particular challenges. This is why private security companies in Toronto offer you, guards, with experience and training on their side. 

This helps to prepare their people and manage them in a manner that results in professional responses during threat or violence. Private security companies understand very well what every security guard must-know and possess. 

Also, most businesses often have difficulty training their internal security staff to the level of professional security guards. This limits such security staff’s response to any security incidents, unlike a licensed security guard from a private security company. 

They are Cost-effective

Aside from paying your in-house security staff salaries, you’ve to cover all other additional costs. This includes vacation, overtime, employee taxes, benefits, annual raises, and holiday pay. 

However, when you hire a security guard company, your cost is solely dependant on a fixed hourly rate per security guard. Fortunately, this rate does not change until there is a change in the contract agreement. This means you are protected from unforeseen labour related overtime costs or increases.

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In conclusion, with so much workplace violence, having a private security company is a luxury. It enhances your business and lessens workplace violence while keeping your employees safe and well-trained. Most importantly, in some situations, having well-trained security personnel stops violence from happening at all. 

This is because a well-secured place is more difficult for potential criminals. In conclusion, with the commitment, expertise, and legal liability relief, hiring private security companies in Toronto is a better option than DIY security solutions.

Contact us today for all of your security guard needs in Toronto. We have got you covered!

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