Northern Force Security

Security, protection and peace of mind for your cannabis company. At Northern Force Security, we provide highly trained security personnel,  armed transportation services, mobile patrol services, CCTV systems and everything you need to ensure the safety of your company, products and employees. Our team of professionals use industry leading technologies and equipment along with military-level training to prevent theft, vandalism and destruction of property for both growers and sellers of cannabis. Begin your NFS secure protection today by calling us at (647) 982-1385


about Northern Force Security

Founded by professionals with military training and anti-terrorism experience, NFS is dedicated to providing top-notch security to companies selling and growing marijuana.

Armed security services along with a wide range of surveillance, transport and patrol services give our clients superior control over the operation of their cannabis security.

Company standards and an emphasis on total client satisfaction make NFS the ultimate source for protection in this often-vulnerable industry.


our services

Security Consulting

Our experienced consultants will advise you with regard to all security measures necessary to effectively protect your company and your assets. Our security consultants use their knowledge and expertise to assess possible security threats and breaches to prevent them and create contingency protocols and plans…

Physical Security

Almost every business can benefit from physical security. Whether you are running a retail location or a growing facility, trained security guards can protect you and your employees, and safely manage any incidents that may arise. Our physical security services include the follow…



Our professional team of experts has experience in both security needs and technology requirements. When you choose cannabis business security cameras from NFS, we’ll assess your property to identify blind spots and vulnerable points and base our camera positioning on providing your property with optimal…

Armed Transportation

Our armed transportation services are provided by guards with the highest levels of experience and security clearance. They are provided with regular security training, plus extensive additional training that covers firearm safety, the use of force, the use of technology-based security equipment and methods, and…


Customizing Your Protection with Northern Force Security

NFS puts our dedication to security, expert training and state of the art equipment into each option we offer for your cannabis based business. Our professionals will assess your property and needs to create a customized plan to offer you optimal protection and peace of mind.

To speak with a knowledgeable NFS representative about our services, contact us at (647) 982-1385