Security Cameras

You can’t see everything or be everywhere at once, but NFS cannabis business security cameras can. Available in several models to adapt to your needs and property type, our high-grade, hi-definition cameras provide 24/7 surveillance to protect your property from theft, vandalism and destruction of property.

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Industry-Leading Cannabis Business Security Cameras

As veterans in the security industry, NFS knows that to provide the best possible protection. Our cameras and equipment offerings must always meet and exceed industry standards. In the modern security landscape, technology manages all the aspects of crime prevention and this means keeping up with the near-constant changes in technology. NFS takes staying on top of these changes as a major part of our provided services to ensure your company not only has protection that’s good for today, but also for the future.

Expert Installation of Cannabis Business Security Cameras

Our professional team of experts has experience in both security needs and technology requirements. When you choose cannabis business security cameras from NFS, we’ll assess your property to identify blind spots and vulnerable points and base our camera positioning on providing your property with optimal coverage.


Quality installation by our experts includes fast, efficient placement of your cameras and security system components. We also provide:

  • Training: Our camera and alarm systems are largely designed to give you 24/7 protection with minimal effort on your part. However, our expert team will go over proper use, troubleshooting and ways to contact our support team to ensure that you are always protected.
  • Monitoring: NFS provides monitoring options and other alarm security to give you complete protection.
  • Customization: Customize your camera settings to adjust sensitivity according to time and type of event to get the most relevant activity reports.


For customized recommendations on your alarm and cameras system, call NFS at (647) 982-1385 


Meta: Protect your investment with industry-leading cannabis business security cameras from NFS. Professional installation and monitoring from security experts.