Armed Transportation Services

People and products are at their most vulnerable when they are being transported from one location to another. During transit, circumstances can arise that are beyond the control of the driver, and someone who is not properly trained to deal with an escalation could be injured or killed.

Northern Force Security wants to keep you safe and your product protected when in transit, and our armoured vehicles and specially trained drivers are equipped for this purpose.


Whether you are transporting cash from a dispensary to a financial institution, moving cannabis from a growing facility to a processing plant or retail location, or transporting your product. we can ensure that the transported items get to their destination with no risk to you and your employees.

Our guards

Our armed transportation services are provided by guards with the highest level of experience and security clearance. They are provided with regular security training, plus extensive additional training that covers firearm safety, the use of force, the use of technology-based security equipment and methods, and much more. All of our armed guards are compliant with the requirements laid out by the Ministry of Correctional Services and the Chief Firearms Office of Ontario.
This high level of training ensures that our guards can deal with a multitude of circumstances, from preventing thefts to stopping thefts in progress and invoking emergency responses when needed. Whether you need regularly scheduled pickup and drop-off services, or province-wide coverage for multiple locations, we have the right guards and vehicles to meet your needs. Large organizations with extensive transportation needs can benefit from our logistics professionals who have military security training.
Our guards are provided with advanced technology to manage the shipment and allow clients to track progress from the comfort of their office.

Our Vehicles

We use state-of-the-art armoured vehicles that are designed to protect both the items being transported and the armed guards. The vehicles are equipped with advanced GPS and CCTV technology, smart tracking devices, a professional-grade safe, real-time monitoring of location and progress, fire extinguishers, communication devices, storage compartments and more.