Mobile Patrol Services

Even if you have all of the right security systems in place, you may want the reassurance of having trained guards patrol your premises and surrounds, to ensure that nothing is out of place and that your property, its contents and your employees are safe.

Northern Force Security can provide you with mobile patrol services, the mobile patrol supervisors are trained in First Aid, use of force and more. They will visit your location in clearly marked security vehicles that will make any would-be intruder think twice. These vehicles are equipped with 360-degree cameras, flashing emergency lights and more.

Whether or not the patrol unit notes any suspicious people, items or activity, you will receive a report of their visit. Our guards are trained to deal with unusual circumstances using incident escalation protocols. A full report is immediately transmitted to the client to ensure that they have full knowledge of the incident and are updated in real time. When necessary, our team will conduct a follow-up visit within one business day of the incident.
Depending on our agreement with the client, our mobile patrol team can visit at regularly scheduled times, or on a random basis.