Security Guard Services

Almost every business can benefit from physical security. Whether you are running a retail location or a growing facility, trained security guards can protect you and your employees, and safely manage any incidents that may arise. Our physical security services include the following:

  • Access screening: Even at locations that receive a lot of visitors each day, our guards are able to identify those who may pose a threat. These individuals are reported to management so that incidents can be prevented or at least managed before they escalate.
  • CCTV monitoring: If you have a large facility or one in which activity takes place in a variety of places, CCTV monitoring can go a long way toward protecting your business, employees and products. Our security guards are well-versed in the art of using CCTV to monitor and analyze activity that is taking place. The guards will use the CCTV system to investigate past activities and incidents. The footage will support the guard and the facility when the law enforcement agency will arrive for further investigation.
  • Site protection: Open spaces such as growing facilities, warehouses and construction sites are often at high risk of being breached. Our professional security guards will protect these locations, take preventative measures to ensure that incidents do not arise, and to take appropriate action if something does go wrong.
  • Security audit: No matter how solid your security systems are, you cannot afford to be complacent. As technology evolves, so do criminal methods, and security systems and processes must stay ahead. Regular security audits will help your business stay secure through ever-changing times.
  • Crisis planning: We all do our best to ensure that the unexpected will not happen, but the reality is that life can come with unpleasant surprises. It is worthwhile to ensure that your business is equipped to deal with crises. Our professional consultants will help you develop processes and procedures to help you whenever an emergency may arise.