About Us

Founded by professionals with military training and anti-terrorism experience, NFS is dedicated to providing top-notch security to companies selling and growing marijuana.

Armed security services along with a wide range of surveillance, transport and patrol services provide our clients with the superior control over the operation of their cannabis security.

Company standards and the emphasis on our clients’ satisfaction make NFS the ultimate source for protection in this vulnerable industry.

Comprehensive Loss Prevention

Vulnerable enterprises within the industry are often the victims of theft, vandalism and other destruction of property. Depending on the size of an operation, a company can lose thousands or even hundreds of thousands worth of product, equipment or cash due to lack of proper security. At NFS, we’ve created the ultimate in protection options for cannabis-based enterprises to prevent this loss and protect our clients’ investments and interests.

We’ve designed our cannabis security offerings to meet the specific needs of this industry to maximize protection and coverage. Our extensive experience has helped us create security options featuring only the best in state-of-the-art equipment, expertly trained security professionals and a continuously updated store of knowledge about issues facing operators within the industry.

Security for Peace of Mind

NFS, ultimately, is about peace of mind and protecting our clients so they can concentrate on the matters that are important to them. Everything we do is specifically geared towards keeping our clients, their employees and their property safe and able to function without worry of theft and other criminal activity.

Learn More about our Commitment to Security

NFS has successfully protected clients across Canada by adhering to our core values which include superior customer service, customized solutions, and continuous efforts to stay current in technology and security training. To learn more about what these values mean for your company, contact us at (647) 982-1385  to speak with a NFS representative.