Early Detection Systems

At Northern Force Security, we believe that prevention is better than cure. While our security experts will gladly come in and review your security systems after a breach, we prefer to ensure that our clients are protected before anything goes wrong. We will put systems in place that are designed to detect security breach attempts before they happen.

Our early detection and prevention systems include the following:

  • Smart fences and perimeters: These fences are not only barriers, they are surveillance systems. These robust structures can be installed with any combination of electronic and mechanical sensors, passage protection and Security Smart C&C management software. We offer plug & play options that are easy to install and use.
  • Comprehensive radar systems: We offer radar systems with short, medium and long range to meet a wide variety of needs. These advanced surveillance systems are ideal for cannabis farms and storage facilities, as well as parking lots and other open spaces. The 360-degree surveillance and detection systems are capable of stopping would-be intruders long before they can do any damage.
  • Seismic technology: The slightest movements cause vibrations in the ground. Our advanced seismic technology converts these vibrations into electronic signals that will enable you to know when a breach has occurred. Whether you need to detect people on foot, people in vehicles, or animals, we can install a system that is suited to your business, complete with invisible perimeter systems and standalone detectors.
  • Scanning and early warning systems: We offer the Tarantula range of laser detection products, which can pick up intruders in large areas, such as warehouses or agricultural land. These products offer advantages like wide coverage, weather proofing, the ability to warn against unauthorized entry, and remote control via the Internet.

The early detection systems that you need will depend on what kind of business you own and what premises you operate out of. Your business is unique, and it deserves the protection of a custom-designed security solution that will guard against intruders, keep your employees safe, and give you peace of mind.