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Northern Force Security is a Toronto-based company offering top-of-the-line access control security services. We make good use of our unique expertise in anti-terrorism tactics and vast military experience to devise the perfect security solutions for your business. We also understand that every company requires different levels of safety and security, which is precisely why we customize and tailor our services to match your unique situation. Regardless of whether you manage a small office, a large-scale organization, or an entire community, we have got you covered.

Access security control is pivotal in many buildings, establishments, and organizations in Ontario. This system is multifaceted, but at its core, it is all about controlling who is allowed to enter or leave the premises. It also ensures that no unauthorized items or sensitive information can leave the building.

With that being said, one of the best things you can do for your business is enlisting the services of a capable access security guard. Our security officers are rigorously trained, boasting the highest levels of professionalism and customer service. More importantly, they display exceptional observation and judgment skills and are quick to act. All of these qualities are paramount in the face of possible threats.


Our Top-Notch Access Control Security Guard Services

The presence of an access control security guard plays an important role in keeping your property, as well as the occupants of the building, safe and secure. Every organization, however, is different. Some security officers are appointed to regulate access in gated communities, while others are meant to render their services on a smaller scale, such as in office buildings. Likewise, some facilities are exposed to greater threats, requiring more stringent access control. In any case, to devise effective access control security services for your business, Northern Force Security will have to conduct a full assessment of the area.


For reliable access control systems, Northern Force Security will typically advise some – if  not all – of the following measures:

  • A security guard monitoring and controlling the access control facilities.
  • A trusted team of on-site security inspectors.
  • Video surveillance systems.
  • Use of key cards, codes, or keypads for entry.
  • Use of alarms, locks, and other security devices when necessary.
  • Strategic placement of security infrastructures, such as gates, fencing, turnstiles, and intercoms.
  • Mobile patrols within the perimeter.


Our access control security services have a wide range of responsibilities, including:

  • Manning and controlling the access control systems.
  • Keeping track of the people coming in and out of the area at all times.
  • Handling and verifying the identity of visitors.
  • Escorting visitors on-site if necessary.
  • Ensuring that unauthorized items and equipment remain inside the property.
  • Safeguarding sensitive documents and data.
  • Monitoring the activities within the premises.
  • Patrolling the area on an organized schedule.
  • Identifying possible threats.
  • Minimizing the likelihood of theft and accidents.
  • Reporting the happenings within the facility regularly.
  • Alerting the occupants or residents of any potential hazards.
  • Assisting anyone in need of assistance.
  • Notifying the authorities in case of an emergency.


Access Control Security Services in Ontario

Northern Force Security prioritizes the safety and security of our clients above and beyond. A well-trained control security inspector can go a long way in safeguarding your business. When coupled with state-of-the-art technology and smart, careful planning, you and everyone within the area can breathe more easily knowing that your property, assets, and commercial interests are safe. At the same time, you also avoid theft and other crimes.

The scope of the access control services, as well as the functions of a security guard, vary immensely from business to business, or community to community. Some require stricter protective measures and more sophisticated security equipment, while for others, a capable team of security officers and a video surveillance system are more than enough. As our client, rest assured that we will make recommendations that are suitable for your needs and situations.

To learn more about how to achieve exemplary access control for your organization, give us a call at (647) 982-1385 or fill out this contact form. Our team of security professionals is more than happy to answer any questions you may have, as well as schedule you for an assessment.

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