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Northern Force Security offers unique, comprehensive, and highly customizable security needs for your business. We understand full well that security threats can come in all forms – including fires. Thanks to our previous experience in the military and immense anti-terrorism knowledge, we can provide you with the top-tier fire watch security guard services you deserve – whether you own a school, office building, large-scale manufacturing units, and everything in between.

For businesses and establishments in Toronto, having a fire alarm system is an essential requirement. It ensures the safety not only of the property but also the employees and visitors. But like any other equipment, it may not always be reliable and can go kaput anytime. Likewise, you also never know when a fire might break out. It is critical to be prepared for the unexpected to avoid heavy losses and to reduce liabilities. If you have a highly-trained fire watch security guard patrolling the area, you can guarantee maximum safety and security 24/7 and all-year-round.


Our Fire Watch Security Guard Solutions

Fires can be lethal in several counts – not only for your business but also for anyone involved in the mishap. By employing a trusted fire watch guard or fire marshal, you can prevent accidents or even death, property damage, and huge financial losses. Rest assured that our team has been rigorously trained to deal with fire emergencies, satisfying the highest standards in professionalism and competence in the industry.

Our team of fire marshals performs a wide variety of on-site safety functions. They conduct risk assessments, keeping an eye out for conditions that may increase the likelihood of fires. One notable example is checking if the fire alarms and fire prevention equipment are still operative or need to be replaced. All of these precautionary measures ensure that the issues can be addressed before they exacerbate and lead to accidents.

Another key responsibility of fire watch guards is regimented patrolling. That is, they regularly patrol the area, inspecting every nook and cranny. They make sure that the walkway and exits are free of obstruction for a safe, easy evacuation in case of emergencies. Plus, they keep a detailed log of all activities and findings, including hazard risks and other critical information, and report them to the authorities.

Of course, our fire watch guards are more than capable of dealing with fire emergencies as well. After calling the fire department, they will notify the people in the building about the fire and help them evacuate the premises safely.


It is important to note that securing the services of fire watch services may be a matter of necessity in some scenarios, such as:

  • The building has a malfunctioning fire safety and suppression system.
  • The water supply is disrupted, which means that the sprinkler system may not be reliable.
  • The area has several or extreme fire hazards. This rings especially true for construction sites and facilities that store or involve the use of chemicals.


Many businesses and organizations will benefit from fire watch security guard services, including:

  • Residential areas
  • Office buildings
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Schools and campuses
  • Construction sites
  • Warehouses
  • Industrial units and complexes
  • Pharmaceutical and hospital facilities
  • Commercial buildings and establishments, such as malls and business parks
  • Private venues, including concerts, exhibitions, and sporting events


Professional Fire Watch Guards in Toronto at Your Service

Northern Force Security takes pride in providing exemplary fire watch services for every business, prioritizing the safety of your assets, property, and building occupants. More importantly, we understand that no company is the same. For this reason, our fire security and safety solutions are customizable and scalable to suit your specific needs and situation. You can also rest easy knowing that you will be getting the best fire watch guards in the industry – all of whom are not only skilled but also professional and customer service oriented.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at (647) 982-1385. Our team of seasoned security professionals is more than happy to assist you. As an alternative, you can also fill out this contact form to request a security assessment. As one of the most trusted security companies based in Toronto, you can rest assured that your property and employees are in capable hands.

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