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How much value do you place on your business property and assets? At the very least, it is enough that you may buy and install have high-quality locks. You might even have thought of installing CCTV cameras. Now, there are plenty of other nifty security devices but the one thing that can never be replaced is human – a highly-trained commercial security guard.

Commercial space is not the same as residential or industrial properties. The protection of your business property, for example, requires the services of security guards who have had security training that empowers them to deal with the nuances. One particular challenge is that businesses are open to the public generally. As such, courtesy and being able to assist people (including customers) entering the commercial property should be integral to security guard duties, too.

Northern Force Security understands that each business is unique. For that reason, they train and equip their commercial security guards with the necessary knowledge and skills to handle typical businesses. Before assigning them to clients, they also receive more training pertinent to the business. An example would be assisting customers with directions and other inquiries.


Northern Force Security Guards for Your Commercial Property

Northern Force Security, among others, is a top-tier security guard company providing security services in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. They combine the use of technology and security experts in protecting commercial business property and assets from vandalism, intrusion, theft, and others. Moreover, they can help prevent fire and other accidents. But that is not all they can do. The commercial security guards assigned to you can enhance your business, giving visitors a sense of safety. They can even provide necessary assistance in the most polite and courteous manner.

Northern Force Security, being one of the top security companies in the Greater Toronto Area, is dedicated to satisfying your needs. For that reason, they will do a systematic review of all the security-related facets at the beginning, soon after the initial consultation. The assessments would cover these pertinent areas:

  • Location and geography
  • Natural disasters such as hurricanes and others
  • Possible hazards, such as fire, that may come your way
  • Openings such as doors and windows, and locking hardware
  • Key and access control
  • Alarm systems

Northern Force Security will also review the security and emergency procedures used, and preparedness to respond to any problem. Give our security company and trained professional enough time to analyze the current state of your business. Only then would we recommend proper measures – from guarding your business to installing security devices.

Among the things we can do for you include:

  • Security patrols on every floor, in common areas, to spot possible signs of building deficiencies and illicit activities
  • Placing security signs
  • Continuous threat and risk assessments
  • Enforcing the Trespass to Property Act and Criminal Code of Canada
  • Posting entrance and front desk guards to greet visitors and provide assistance
  • Keeping a detailed record of employee and visitors going in and out

As the commercial security guards perform their duties, their primary concern will always be to protect your commercial business. You can rest assured that they are competent in handling problems that may arise if they were not preventable in the first place.


Security Guard Services for Office and Commercial Buildings

At Northern Force Security, your business is our business. Being our valued client, we only have your best interest at heart. It is why we are fully committed to keeping your property, assets, personnel, and customers safe. You can hire one or more of our commercial security guards who will be on your premises, or have our patrol drive by.

Obviously, we cannot tell you everything here. Instead, do reach out to us by filling this contact form or call us at (647) 982-1385 directly. Our experts can explain everything you need to know as well as answer all your questions. For protection against natural disasters and possible commission of criminal activities against you, Northern Force Security is here to help.

For added security protection, we can help you install devices that not only deters criminal activities but also serve as an early warning device to prevent accidents and disasters.

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