Special Event Security Guards

Toronto Event Security: Today public gatherings require a high level of security protection in light of the growing threat of terror and criminal activity.

Northern Force Security provides security and protection services to a variety of events from small private events to large, full service events such as concerts, festivals, community, sports and cultural events.


Full Threat & Risk Assessment

Northern Force Security’s team of professionally trained security experts will come to your location to assess your security needs and provide you with tailored security solutions that will meet all security and safety requirements and keep your event secure and harmless.


Access Control

Events are usually crowded by high numbers of visitors, guests and support personnel. Criminals and terrorists may attempt to enter your event and cause irreparable damage to attendees. Northern Force Security professionals are trained to identify such individuals and threats and alert police and fire departments, thus preventing crime and violence.


Emergency Response

In the event of an emergency your guests and stuff need to be evacuated in a most efficient manner in order to prevent loss of life, or personal injury. Northern Force Security experts will assess the vulnerable spots of your event and create emergency response protocols in order to prevent from potential harm, injury and possible lawsuits.


Crowd Control

Your business must be prepared to cope with a variety of security related issues and unexpected situations that may damage your professional reputation. Northern Force Security professional consultants are focused on providing you with the right approach and advise in order to prepare you and your staff for the most efficient crisis management.

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