Institutional Security – Community Centers and Schools

There is no doubt that certain community and educational facilities require special security solutions to protect from potential threat of violence, crime, terror and vandalism.

Northern Force Security provides highly trained security personnel focused on providing excellent solutions for your congregation and its members and visitors.


Full threat & risk assessment

Northern Force Security employs a customized Threat and Risk Assessment tool to precisely identify weaknesses in systems, design, structure and manpower to reduce the risk of someone exploiting these vulnerabilities. We understand that being caught unprepared has severe consequences. It is our goal to ensure that you are adequately prepared.


Access control and monitoring

Usually your guests and visitors are well known and attend regularly but sometimes unwanted individuals may attempt to enter your facility with the intent to harm your attendees, guests or students. Threat of terror, hate crime and intolerance generated actions are becoming more common nowadays. Northern Force Security professionals are trained to identify such activities, prevent them and alert relevant authorities.


Crime and violence prevention

Threat of terror, hate crime and intolerance generated actions are becoming more common nowadays. Your institutions may be vulnerable to these threats and as such require professionally tailored solutions. Northern Force Security experts will provide you with the security service designed to prevent crime and violence at your institution.


Emergency response protocols – creation and implementation

Your congregation might appear safe and secure but in case of emergency your visitors and guests need to be evacuated in a most efficient manner in order to prevent loss of lives, damages and personal injuries. Northern Force Security experts will assess the vulnerable spots of your location and create emergency response protocols in order to prevent potential harm, injuries and further complications.


Liaison with city emergency responders

In the event of a security or emergency related matter the situation must be dealt with professionalism and respect to attendees. Northern Force Security experts are trained to handle such situations in liaison with local fire departments and police while securing the safety of your guests, students or staff.

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