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Northern Force Security is more than capable of providing complete security solutions for your warehouse or distribution centre. Our anti-terrorism expertise and vast experience in the military can be put to good use, making sure that your storage facility is kept safe. We can provide you with a highly-trained security guard if that is what you need. If you have a large operation, we can also combine personnel with state-of-the-art technology to protect all aspects of your warehouse – logistics, inventory, and other assets.

For many businesses in Toronto, theft and asset loss are common in their warehouses. Our team of security experts can put a stop to the financial drain by eliminating threats. The larger your company, the more complex your warehouse. Having multiple storage zones, for example, may entail sophisticated inventory controls and extensive access controls. We can ensure that none of the distinct elements of your warehouse suffers from disruption due to issues with security.


Our Warehouse and Distribution Centre Security Solutions

Keeping your warehouse safe from internal and external threats, and eliminating vulnerabilities is our business. Each company, though, is unique. We understand that, which is why our security experts will do a threat and risk assessment first before making recommendations. Such activity is not done during the initial security consultation and site inspection. It is an ongoing monitoring process to ensure continuously providing protection for your peace of mind.

Our services are scalable, which means as your company grows, we can introduce new measures to secure your facilities. At the barest minimum, businesses require at least one security guard. For larger warehouses, we can provide smoke detection and fire alarm systems to protect you and your employees. Additionally, you also have the option of installing motion detection and perimeter protection devices. You can consider these devices as extensions of security guards – and some models can be configured to send remote notifications.

The presence of CCTV security cameras already acts as a deterrent, making intruders and anyone else think twice before committing criminal acts. We can install basic units to extensive surveillance camera systems with an onsite monitoring center. These systems, even the simple ones, can be remotely accessed using a mobile device or computer from anywhere in the world. Besides monitoring your employees, they can also record activities, which are useful in catching any illicit activity.

One of the most useful security systems you can use is access control systems. Our security experts can advise you on the pros and cons of each type – such as biometric authentication, keypad, and proximity card. Whichever you choose can prevent unauthorized entry into your warehouse. Access control is also an excellent way of restricting access to certain areas or zones in your warehouse. Furthermore, every entry and exit are recorded and can be analyzed should the need arise.

Having a security system or more is invaluable as each is useful for its designated purpose. We can put technology to even greater use by integrating all of them to provide you with a comprehensive protection solution.

Highlights of our services for warehouse and distribution centres:

  • Security dispatch 24 hours / 7 days a week
  • Security guards
  • Gatehouse (Guardhouse) security
  • Mobile patrol
  • Access control
  • Remote entry/exit management
  • Monitoring, alarms, and CCTV
  • Threats and risk assessments


Availing of Our Warehouse Security Services

Northern Force Security protects your warehouse on multiple fronts. Our services are flexible, scalable – and more importantly – innovative and integrated. Our comprehensive security services include highly-trained warehouse security personnel, alarms, video surveillance, and other equipment are at your disposal. As one of our clients, we are committed to protecting your commercial interests and the safety of your assets and employees.

Regardless if you need a security guard to patrol your warehouse or require a full-service security program, do call us at (647) 982-1385 or fill up this contact form. Our security experts can answer all your questions and make arrangements to assess your needs. As one of the top security companies based in Toronto, we can help secure your warehouse and prevent theft and intrusion, thereby reducing the risk of financial losses significantly. More important than protecting your property and products, we also help keep you and your employees safe.

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