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Globalization of risks, such as terror has changed the structure and pace of corporate security. In today’s highly competitive business environment which is under the constant threat of terror and vandalism every business requires tailored corporate security solutions.

Northern Force Security provides corporate security services such as:


Access screening

Numerous numbers of visitors and employees enter your building on a daily basis. Unwanted individuals may attempt to enter your facilities in order to harm your business operations. Industrial espionage and trade secrets theft are devious competition methods that may be used by your competitors. Northern Force Security professional guards are trained to identify such activities and report to management, thus securing your business.


Guarding of sites

New construction and renovation sites, warehouses and logistics facilities are a perfect place to steal and damage your property, such as vehicles, tools and ruin the work already done. This may be by criminal gangs, unsavory individuals or even your competitors. Northern Force Security professional guards are trained to guard your property and prevent such actions and at the same time, cooperate with relevant authorities.


CCTV monitoring

Nonstop activities take place at your work sites and business locations. These activities must be monitored and analyzed by professional guards who are capable of taking the right action in case of fire, emergency or security breach. Northern Force Security professional guards are trained to operate the most advanced monitoring systems and help you save money.


Crisis planning

Your business must be prepared to cope with a variety of security related issues and unexpected situations that may damage your professional operations, in order to reduce your losses and future expenses. Northern Force Security professional consultants are focused on providing you with the right approach and guidance in order to prepare you and your staff for the most efficient crisis management.


Comprehensive security audit

Your business is professionally managed and operated but you still may be vulnerable to security breaches and employers’ negligence with respect to security matters. When it comes to auditing and assessing your security policies and protocols, Northern Force Security professional consultants will provide you with tailored security audit and consulting so your assets remain unharmed.

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