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Storage facilities are a far cry from residential or commercial properties. They require a different level of security – one that is more stringent and specialized than usual. At the bare minimum, you need high-quality locks, alarms, and a CCTV video surveillance system. You probably even have some sophisticated access control set-up in place. However, relying on the advancements in security technology is not enough. We strongly believe that the human factor has to catch up as well, and this is where a capable storage security guard comes into the picture.

At Northern Force Security, we are committed to providing top-notch security that is tailored to your business needs. We combine state-of-the-art security measures and highly-trained on-site security officers to ensure maximum security on your premises 24/7 and all-year-round. Now, you do not have to worry about theft and other crimes. Likewise, your clients can sleep more soundly at night knowing that their high-priced valuables are safe and sound.


Our Security Guard Services for Storage Facilities

Northern Force Security is a premier security company based in Toronto, Ontario. We make use of our military experience and anti-terrorism expertise to craft smart and effective security solutions for your self-storage business. On top of that, our security guards are trained to protect your property and assets from all sorts of threats, including theft, crimes, and fire accidents, among others.

Do you own a self-storage company and rent out storage space for your clients? Or perhaps you own a storage facility for your business? Either way, you want to make sure that the items remain inside the premises, and that no unauthorized person can enter and exit as they please.


To guarantee the safety and security of your storage facility, we at Northern Force Security typically recommend the following protocols:

  • A team of on-site security guards.
  • Regular security patrols.
  • A manned entry-point.
  • Top-tier access control system.
  • 24-hour video surveillance system.
  • Alarmed storage units.
  • GPS tracking.
  • Uninterrupted power supply.
  • Strategic placement of lighting.
  • Perimeter fencing.
  • Fire protection system.
  • Climate-controlled storage units.
  • Pest control and prevention methods.

Installing the latest security measures on your storage facility is just the first step – and it is far from enough. After all, thieves can always try to outsmart technology, but they can never pull a fast one on smart, competent security inspectors. As soon as the security guards notice anything suspicious on the video surveillance cameras or during their patrols, they can head to the site and address the issue immediately. Aside from dealing with criminal activities, they also respond to natural disasters and other threats, including fire accidents, hurricanes and flooding, and pests.


A storage security guard has a wide range of duties and responsibilities, such as:

  • Enforcing laws and regulations.
  • Performing security checks.
  • Manning the entry-points of the storage complex.
  • Dealing with and verifying the identity of visitors.
  • Keeping detailed logs of the happenings inside the area.
  • Barring the entry of intruders and other unauthorized people.
  • Monitoring and managing the access control systems of the facility.
  • Making sure that the valuables stay within the storage facility.
  • Monitoring the alarms and video surveillance cameras around-the-clock.
  • Patrolling the grounds on a regular schedule.
  • Detecting potential threats.
  • Preventing thefts, crimes, and other suspicious activities.
  • Ensuring that the temperature and humidity stay within ideal levels.
  • Responding to emergencies.
  • Reporting the activities inside the facility.


Northern Force Security for Your Storage Facilities

Here at Northern Force Security, we take pride in offering top-notch safety and security services – regardless of your industry or the nature of your business. We understand full well that no company is the same, which is why we customize our services to match your specific needs. Before making any recommendations, we will first conduct a risk assessment and evaluate the situation, including the geographical location and the nature of the items stored inside the premises. Some self-storage facilities face more threats than others, requiring stricter security measures.

As our valued customer, you deserve the peace of mind of knowing that your property, assets, and commercial interests are safe from harm. The last thing you want is to discover that the facility has been stripped bare by burglars or ravaged by fires and other accidents. If you own a self-storage company, it could very well mean losing your clients – or even your business – overnight. Conversely, an untarnished reputation will make you a trusted name in the industry, helping you secure more clients and grow your company to its full potential.

If you are interested and would like to know more, call us at (647) 982-1385 or fill out this contact form. Our security experts will get in touch with you and answer any questions you might have.

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