Data Center Physical Security

Physically Securing Your Data Center

Data centers house IT equipment and network infrastructure. All these pieces of equipment – servers, storage systems, gateways, routers, switches, and more – should be in a location that is not susceptible to natural disasters and any risk of force majeure. Data, being an invaluable commodity, thus entails security on two fronts – cybersecurity and physical security.

Northern Force Security, based in Toronto, is one company that can ensure a secure data center. Upon consultation and site inspection, they can make an assessment, recommend, and implement physical security measures to prevent damage or loss of property and assets such as software, hardware, network – and most importantly – data.

Their extensive experience, which includes military and terrorism, can help fortify a data center, thus preventing theft, espionage, and other criminal acts. Furthermore, they can also introduce measures to minimize or eliminate damage from natural calamities.


Data Center Security Protocols

The physical security protocols that data centers should follow are extensive. For Northern Force Security to make the proper recommendations, they would need to do a full evaluation. The following measures are provided to give you an idea of what Northern Force Security can do and would recommend.

Geographical location is a huge consideration. If a data center is in a place where there is a likelihood of events such as hurricanes or earthquakes, then measures need to be taken to protect the facility from a disaster. The proximity to the network carrier and utilities such as power, water, and logistics (including transportation) are also evaluated.

To prevent theft of data (and others) or sabotage, a security feature data centers should have is a single entry point. It can be managed by using an access control system with anti-tailgating and anti-pass-back capability. Such a measure is excellent at restricting or preventing unauthorized access to sensitive equipment and information.

The rack room of a data center should be restricted, and any personnel entering or exiting is through an authenticated access. Northern Force Security can help data centers by recommending the use of or providing the following:

  • A team of on-site security guards 24 hours a day.
  • A technical team to monitor the operations of network systems.
  • Auditing and monitoring access control rights.
  • CCTV video surveillance manned by security staff.

The data center security features should also be added to prevent accidents, while also maintaining the ideal environment to keep the equipment running smoothly. It includes, among others, the following:

  • Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and other backup power options.
  • Devices to monitor and control temperature and humidity.
  • Controlling the air-conditioning units to maintain the ideal temperature.
  • Installation of fire alarm and aspirating smoke detection systems. A VESDA is highly recommended for sensitive areas as it can detect and alert the security team before a fire breaks out.
  • Installation of a fire protection system, one with a double interlock, that is suitable for data centers. Such a system should suppress fire using a zoned dry-pipe sprinkler to protect network equipment from water damage, thereby causing loss of data.
  • Devices to detect water leakage.
  • Pest control devices to prevent rodents from chewing wires.

The above-mentioned measures offer only a glimpse of the measures that data centers can take. Our physical security experts can provide you with more information after a thorough evaluation and risk assessment of the facility.


Northern Force Security Secures Data Centers in Ontario

Putting up a data center requires a huge investment. Besides the facility, equipment, and personnel, a significant portion of operational expenses goes to ensuring the integrity of data. The measures taken are not limited to preventing cyber intrusions. It also includes securing the property physically from natural disasters, accidents, and people.

Northern Force Security is founded by people who have had years of experience in military and terrorism matters. Their knowledge and specialized skills have proven invaluable as attested by the diverse range of clients who availed of their security services.

To find out how we can help protect your data center, call us at (647) 982-1385 or fill up this contact form. Get in touch with us and our experts will answer all your questions and address your concerns.

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