Security Guard Training Ontario

Security guard training by Northern Force Security provides its applicants and employees with tailored training services in collaboration with recognized global leading experts in the field of security training and anti-terror preparedness.

Security Guard Training

Northern Force Training

Northern Force Security is led by former military commanders and officers who specialize in safety, security, intelligence and anti-terrorism. We understand that only with proper management and extensive training will we be able to serve and protect our clients. Each employee of Northern Force Security is handpicked by our founders to ensure they meet our strict corporate standards and company values.


Each security professional undergoes the following in-class education and training before he/she is licensed and approved to serve our clients:

  1. Corporate Orientation
  2. Customer Service Training
  3. Leading Security Practices
  4. Anti-Terrorism Awareness
  5. Fire and Emergency Response Preparedness
  6. When to Use Force
  7. Effective Time Management

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