Armed Security Guard & Transportation

Northern Force Security is an armed transportation service provider, operating throughout the province of Ontario. Whether you own a company responsible for valuables or need reliable armed transportation, our armed transportation service is here to ensure that your valuable goods are safe and secure.

We service a wide range of clients in multiple locations, with state of the art armoured vehicles and drivers to serve you better.


Clientele of NFS Armed Transportation

NFS armed transportation service specializes in the secure transportation of valuables goods, making our services crucial for a variety of businesses including manufacturing and research facilities, jewelers, medical organizations and financial institutions. Our armed transportation service answers the demand for secure transportation and handling of valuable goods.

For such diverse clientele as:

  • Trade shows and special events
  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Medical marijuana facilities
  • Jewelry stores and businesses that hold valuable assets
  • Services responsible for the transport of medicinal products


Armed Guards

As a full-service private armed security company, Northern Force Security is committed to providing only fully-licensed and expertly skilled armed guards for your business. We hand pick each member of our armed guard team and provide comprehensive training through NFS internal courses in addition to the mandatory provincial licensing process. Our armed guards are compliant with regulations set forth by the Ministry of Correctional Services and Community Safety and the Chief Firearms Office of the Province of Ontario and proficient in using all technology-based security components.



Northern Force Security not only provides quality services, we also train personnel to meet our high standards and to follow Northern Force Security and the provincial Chief Firearms Officer protocols.

In addition to regular security training, each armed guard undergoes the Provincial CFO courses requirements following in-class education and training before he/she is licensed and approved to serve our clients.

The courses include:

  1. 5-day Authorization to Carry course
  2. Annually in class re-qualification course
  3. Semi-annually range day
  4. Use of Force training

Benefits of NFS Armed Transportation Service

Along with using only the best armed guards with superior training and full licensing, NFS armed guard services include these benefits to your business or organization:

  • Top Level Armed Security Service for Transported Goods: When you need to transport cash or other valuables, this can be an extremely high-risk situation for theft with multiple opportunities for criminals to take advantage of vulnerabilities in the transportation. Our armed guards are not only trained to stop theft in progress but are given the resources and training to prevent theft attempts from occurring.
  • Convenient 24/7 Pickup and Delivery Options: Get security that meets your organization’s schedule with our convenient pickup and delivery options.
  • Province-Wide Coverage: If you have multiple locations throughout the province, NFS can ensure each of your properties is fully secured with the same level of superior protection. We have multiple-Office Locations with armored vehicles and armed guards to fulfill all your security needs within Ontario.
  • Logistics Professionals with Military Security Training: when you choose NFS, you get logistics professionals with the highest quality of training from their military experience. This gives them superior abilities to strategize for your company’s protection.
  • Technology advantage: NFS uses top of the art technology that allows the client to overlook their shipment. NFS provides the client with the option to either follow the delivery with their vehicle or follow the transportation through the convenience of their office.

NFS Armored Vehicles and Drivers

State of the Art Armored Vehicles: We invest in both ongoing technological advancements and comprehensive maintenance for our vehicles to ensure you get the highest level of security available from our armored vehicle services.  Each armored vehicle includes:

  • Professional grade safe
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Updated GPS and CCTV
  • High-quality smart tracking device
  • Real-time monitoring

Hiring Our Private Armed Security Company

NFS takes your security needs very seriously. We are available to answer questions and help assess security risks 24/7 by calling (647) 982-1385. You can also use our contact us form and a knowledgeable representative will be in touch with you shortly.

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