Max H.

Chief Executive Officer
Max’s experience in the security industry spans more than a decade and is distinctly unique within Canada. Few people operating in the security field are able to draw upon the vast operational experience Max brings to his clients with his exceptional ability to provide to them customized and comprehensive security, risk management and anti-terrorist solutions.

Before moving to Canada in the summer of 2014, as a Security Professional in the Civil Service Commission for Israel, Max specialized in:

  • Corporate and Government Risk Assessment
  • Risk Management Planning
  • Organization and Facility Security
  • Executive and Civil Service Protection
  • Crime and Theft Prevention
  • Anti-Terrorism Preparedness
  • Security Staff Certification Training

Max started in the field as a full combat soldier for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), quickly rising to become Sergeant First Class and ultimately reaching the rank of Chief Sergeant.

After completing his service with the IDF and returning to civilian life, Max was hired by the Civilian Transportation Department responsible for Securing Airports, Railway Stations and Automobile Passengers against the threat of Terrorism. He was quickly recruited by The Civil Service Commission of Israel and spent the next 6 years progressing his security knowledge and experience, ultimately being put in charge of Full Security Planning and Implementation for the highest levels of elected government officials and civil servants in Israel.

Max was also responsible for leading the Research and Development of State of the Art New Security Methods for The Civil Service Commission of Israel.

At various points in his career Max has been trained and qualified as a military defense specialist and an anti-terrorism advisor. Max is fully trained and certified in Security Management, Security Risk Assessment, Emergency Preparedness, Commander Training, First Aid Certification, Martial Arts Training, Fire Arms Handling, and Bomb Threat Training, along with many other qualifications in the security and defense fields.