Pavel L.

Pavel’s experience in the security industry is highly unique within Canada. Pavel’s background combines legal and professional management experience with highly developed military skills.

Pavel started in the field as a combat soldier for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), quickly rising to become a Sergeant First Class and ultimately reaching the rank of Chief Sergeant.

At various points in his career, Pavel has been trained and is qualified as a military defense specialist and an anti-terrorism advisor. For over a decade Pavel has been defending Israel in the IDF Military and now devotes his time to Northern Force Security applying his knowledge and experience to serve and protect Canadians to the highest capacity.

Pavel, a lawyer by education, worked as Senior Consultant at a prominent legal consulting firm in Israel after graduating from Law School, and before moving to Canada.

Pavel specializes in:

  • Development and leadership of Northern Force Security’s business and legal strategies.
  • Support of day to day security operations, including development of incident response protocols and special security event management requirements.
  • Managing and investigating security related incidents and crimes.
  • Leading and coordinating with Legal Counsel, Finance, Human Resources, and other internal departments and external agencies.
  • Identifying clients’ security weaknesses through Northern Force’s unique investigative process.
  • Performing and coordinating security risk assessments of clients tailored to client’s needs.
  • Oversight and development of effective security measures for staff.