Emergency Situations: Why You Need Corporate Security

These days, most companies, if not all, do not take the issue of corporate security with complacency. This is because they have seen, learned, or maybe even experienced the benefits that come with hiring a corporate security company to protect their interests. No matter how small your company is, you will want to invest in [...]

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What is the cost of corporate security?

The need to secure their companies has prompted many business owners and boards of owners to ponder on the cost of corporate security. Any company that wants to thrive has to make some investments into its security. However, knowing just how much to allocate as the budget for corporate security is another matter entirely. For [...]

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The Need for Security Guard Services 

The increase, however slightly, in the crime rate in Toronto has prompted a lot of people to see the need for security guard services. Although Toronto is said to be relatively safe, you do not want to be the exception to the statistics.  Between 2018 and 2019, the street crime rate in Toronto has experienced [...]

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What does corporate security mean?

Corporate security is the sum total of strategies that are put in place to identify and effectively mitigate or manage any occurrence or development that may threaten the survival of a company. Corporate security involves planning for and finding the best strategies to avoid situations that may threaten the security of a company. It is [...]

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