The increase, however slightly, in the crime rate in Toronto has prompted a lot of people to see the need for security guard services. Although Toronto is said to be relatively safe, you do not want to be the exception to the statistics. 

Between 2018 and 2019, the street crime rate in Toronto has experienced a 3 percent increase. This percentage may appear small in terms of numbers, but when you consider personal safety, it is a worrying statistic.

The homicide rate of Toronto, a city that is home to almost 3 million people, is 2.57 per 100,000 persons. That’s a very alarming rate!  Walking at night may not be so safe anymore. However, the problem of personal safety can be easily solved by hiring a shadow whose sole duty is your protection, a bodyguard. 

If you get stuck on the wrong side of town at night, then you will be grateful you made an investment and got yourself personal security. More companies and even individuals are prioritizing and putting more money into securing their lives and property. It is routine for security guard companies in Toronto to give their personnel specialized training so that they are very capable of coping with every emergency.

However, if you are worried that having a bodyguard will mean a towering figure in a black suit and dark shades following your every movement, then you need not worry. Security guard companies in Toronto have evolved past all of that.

Today, bodyguards are being trained to be discreet and blend right in the crowd and yet still be close enough to protect you. And they do not even have to be hefty. Regular-sized people are competent and efficient bodyguards too.

You should seriously consider hiring a security guard in Toronto as there are numerous benefits to having a personal bodyguard. Although it is more common for corporate executives, politicians, and celebrities to secure the services of a security guard company. It may prove essential for you as a regular person to hire a security guard service. After all, your safety is paramount. 


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Security Guard Services

Who needs to hire security guard services?

Gone are the times when only celebrities and politicians required security guard services. These days, almost anyone could be a target. If you are wondering whether you are one of the people that need to hire a security guard in Toronto, then read further to see if you fall under any of the following categories. 

Extremely famous people

This is a given. If you are a person that is very well known, then it will be a good idea for you to invest in a security guard service. You see, it is difficult to predict the actions of obsessed fans, crazed individuals or even rival fans in public places. Therefore, if you are in a crowded area, it may prove vital to have an extra set of eyes scanning for a possible threat to your safety. 

Even at home, as a celebrity, it is crucial to have a security guard around. If you do want around-the-clock bodyguards, it is essential to have one around while going to places where there will be a lot of people.

People that carry valuable information or goods.

Information, they say, is power. Power is something people want at all costs. Are you a person that is always privy to a lot of sensitive and potentially volatile or valuable information? If you are, then you should hire a security guard service. 

A bodyguard is trained to spot and defuse dangerous situations. Therefore, occurrences like hijack and kidnap will be easily avoided. Also, if you carry valuable goods such as expensive jewelry, large amounts of money, then it goes without saying that you should hire a security guard to go along with your goods. 

Politicians and well-known activists 

These sets of people are more often than not always in the spotlight. Also, they are usually at the heart of a very controversial issue. This means supporters and rivals with extreme emotions either way. If you are one of such people, then it will be rather unwise to not have a security guard with you everywhere you go in Toronto. 

There are many security guard companies from which you can choose. Having a bodyguard will go a long way in reducing your risk level. Depending on how deeply invested you are in your job, multiple bodyguards could be an option. 

Executives in major companies

If you hold an executive position in a major company, then most likely you will be perceived to have a substantial net worth. It also means that you are in a competitive business and will have rival companies. These qualities may make you a target. However, having a security guard service in your employ will somewhat blur the bullseye on your back. The longer the hours your bodyguard spends with you, the safer you are.

Regular people that are living and breathing 

This is the final category. No one is 100 percent safe. So if you feel threatened or insecure about your safety, do not gamble with your life. Instead, hire a security guard in Toronto so that you can breathe easier. There are a host of security guard companies here in Toronto with a variety of bodyguards to suit your preferences. Why not make that investment in your safety today.


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Security Guard Services

Why you need to hire a security guard 

There are a thousand and one reasons why you should invest in acquiring security guard services as a regular person, a VIP or even a corporate organization. Here are some of the reasons you should hire a security guard in Toronto.

You become well protected 

This is perhaps the most obvious reason. In the case of dangerous situations, emergencies or even natural disasters, having a well-trained bodyguard by your side will prove valuable. Your safety is of utmost importance to your bodyguard, as that is the only reason he or she is there. Therefore, your safety is a priority, and your protection is ensured.

A security guard can deter assailants

The mere presence of a second person, a possible witness, an unforeseen variable can foil the plans of a would-be assailant. Imagine if that second person is a highly-skilled bodyguard. You having a bodyguard can discourage likely attackers such that potentially violent and dangerous situations are defused with little or no effort. This is a significant incentive to get yourself a bodyguard. 

A bodyguard can assess people’s motives

Part of the training of bodyguards in security guard services is psychological training. This training equips them with the mental tools to be able to read people accurately and swiftly. That specialized training comes in handy when protecting you. 

Bodyguards can easily take a cursory look at a person or a group of people and determine if they could be a threat. Based on the conclusion, they may then decide to move you or secure the area. Therefore, it is easy to see that you are much safer in the hands of a bodyguard. 

You have an extra set of hands 

A bodyguard is usually a very versatile and competent person. They often have a skill set beyond protective capabilities. This means that your bodyguard is capable of doing individual tasks and running errands for you. Since your bodyguard is someone you trust, they can also be a representative for you when the need arises.

Furthermore, your bodyguard may double as your driver or operator of various alarm systems in your home. Your bodyguard can even be a personal assistant for you. It’s a win-win!

Security Guard Services

A bodyguard can make judgment calls

Since your bodyguard is someone that you are eventually going to get close to, then he, or she, as the case may be, will ultimately have some insight into your personal life. Based on this, having known you to an extent, your bodyguard can make urgent decisions on your behalf when you are unavailable or indisposed. 

Finally, your bodyguard may eventually become your friend, your confidant and even your adviser. Asides from having someone to protect you, you always have a shoulder to lean on, a person to talk to and a helping hand when you need it. Although these are not the primary duties of a bodyguard, you will be glad you have one when the need arises. 


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Having a bodyguard for yourself and your family will mean extra expenses. However, best believe it is money well spent! In Toronto, there are security companies that have various categories of security personnel that are tailored to meet your specifications.

If you prefer your bodyguard discreet or otherwise, you will have that bodyguard. And if you want the traditional ‘hulk’ bodyguard, it will be arranged. Do not procrastinate.

The time to look into security guard services in Toronto and get yourself a security guard is now. You should not have to learn from regrettable incidents regarding your safety due to the lack of a certified security guard.

If you are wondering where to find a competent security company from which to hire a security guard in Toronto, please contact us. Your safety and security are very paramount for us. Direct your questions here, and we’d be happy to help!


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