How to Become a Security Guard in the Province of Ontario

Even if a place is claimed to be 100% safe, it's always best to have good security available. This is to guarantee protection for everyone while also providing assistance to those in need. When there’s trouble around, those in charge can readily spring into action. If offering extensive protection is something that piques your interest, [...]

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Things You Should Know Before Getting Your Security Guard License

Determining the right type of security guard license to kickstart a career in security can be complicated. However, it is an important decision that you have to make. Generally, your security guard license is your ticket to getting an excellent job in any security company in Toronto.  However, the license type and requirements differ based [...]

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How to Become a Licensed Security Guard in Canada

  Just as the population of Canada continues to rise, the same is true for the demand of security officers. In order to qualify for the position of a security guard, you need to have a valid security license. Each and every security guard who lives in Canada needs to strictly adhere to the code [...]

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