Security is a concern for many different businesses and high-profile individuals. The number of security companies offering protection is vast, and it’s crucial to understand what services you can obtain from each company.

In order to find the service that fits your needs and budget, it’s recommended to do thorough research on the different types of services available in your area. Here is an overview of services offered by security companies.

General Security Guard Services

Security guard services are the most common services offered by a security company. These include the employment of security guards to protect businesses, property, personnel, and clients and perform a range of other services too.

For example, retail security guards are stationed in front of the building during non-operational hours or deployed to the entrances and exits during operational hours.

In addition, depending on their responsibilities and where they are employed, security guards can be armed and unarmed. Some companies also provide guards with fire watch security or first aid and CPR-certified training.

Store Detective Services

Like retail security guards, mobile store detectives are also responsible for monitoring exits and entrances. However, they usually do it in plain clothes to remain undetected and work more efficiently.

They also monitor security cameras during or outside operational hours, observe customer behaviour inside the business and investigate incidents that may occur on the property. Mobile guards are security officers who patrol the entire property and can work 24/7 if needed.

Because they aren’t stationed in one place outside the building, they can notice any incident at any location more quickly and react to it appropriately.

Receptionist Guards

Receptionist security guards work only inside the business. They are the first ones customers come in contact with, so they often have the duty to meet and greet clients at the entrance, answer their questions and orient them in the right direction.

They may also be responsible for answering the phone for customer services, checking security cameras, or simply monitoring the security system on the property.

receptionist guards

Distribution Guards

Unlike receptionist guards stationed inside the building, the distribution guards are the first point of contact with clients outside business locations.

Their duties include monitoring surveillance cameras, checking drivers’ identification, and ensuring only authorized personnel can enter and exit the property.

Warehouse Security Guards

Warehouse security guards are in charge of the protection of inventory. They work inside the location, controlling access to the location, ensuring only authorized personnel can enter or exit, and monitoring surveillance cameras.

Warehouse guards have a crucial role in theft prevention as they can help avoid substantial financial loss, regardless of the size of the business. If needed, they work together with law enforcement and emergency personnel, providing additional protection for inventories.

Risk Assessment Services

Risk assessment services have the purpose of identifying potential corporate risks that could prevent your business from functioning properly or endanger company resources and personnel.

After identification, the person in charge of risk assessment will evaluate and rank the potential issues based on the level of threat they might pose.

Services like this allow your company to minimize corporate risks such as physical attacks, personal injury, death, loss of services, or business interruption.

They can also help you pinpoint IT security weaknesses and the possibility of corporate espionage. Not to mention any issues that may lead to potential lawsuits or damage your company’s reputation.

Private Investigative Services

Some security companies also offer their clients access to corporate private investigators. Some of the situations in investigative services that could be useful in the corporate sector include background checks on potential clients or business partners, accident investigations and reconstructions, and highly confidential undercover operations.

Private investigators can also uncover insurance fraud and theft within the company and mismanagement of funds by employees, management, and third parties associated with the company.

private investigative services

Surveillance Devices

Many security companies provide an entire system of top-notch surveillance devices. These are monitored by highly trained security officers employed by the same company.

This means these devices can help you cut back on the cost of security services as you won’t have to buy them separately.

Apart from CCTV cameras, security alarms, and similar forms of basic surveillance devices, some companies will also provide mobile surveillance devices. These can come in handy for commercial events, where large groups gather in small areas.

Patrolling Guards

Patrolling security guards usually cover large properties. They are trained to work in teams or alone (depending on the size of the property), dividing the territory into smaller areas.

They cover each part during predetermined intervals, monitor the surveillance and alarm systems, etc. Patrolling guards are often employed by large commercial and residential companies.

Crisis Management Services

Crisis management is a specific type of service offered only by certain security companies. This activity involves tackling conflicts, terrorist attacks, strikes, bad weather, and more.

Typically, crisis management services cover everything that may endanger the life of company personnel and cause a substantial loss of company property.

Specialized Security Services

Apart from crisis management, some security companies will also offer other types of specialized security services. These often involve developing a comprehensive security plan tailored to the client’s needs.

The security personnel providing these services in each sector are trained to provide protection in that specific industry. That said, they can often employ other security measures too. Some examples of the fields you can find specialized security services are:

  • Bankruptcy asset protection
  • Camp security
  • Healthcare industry
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Event security
  • Personal security
  • Construction security
  • Conventional home security
  • Professional home security
  • Home security compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Home security combined with emergency/healthcare services for the elderly

specialized security services

Final Thoughts

Any reputable security company will take extra care and all the necessary measures to prevent any security issues. However, understanding the different services will allow you to choose the ones you truly need.

You’ll be able to find a company that implements the best possible security mechanisms to safeguard your property and whatever else you may need protection for. Specialized services designed to provide complete security are often recommended.

However, researching and consulting with a company you’re considering can give you a better picture of the type of protection you’re getting for your money.