When you’re planning a big event, it’s important to have all your bases covered. But sometimes, one aspect of event planning is overlooked: security.

Having a security manager on board can help ensure that your event goes off without a hitch, from keeping track of attendees and their belongings to preventing and responding to emergencies.

Here are just a few reasons why hiring a security manager should be at the top of your list when planning an event.

The Importance of Security

When it comes to occasions like events, we tend to stress about the whole experience attendees will have.

We focus on how to keep them entertained, happy, and everything else to give them a memorable event. But will these special memories even matter if your guests aren’t safe from threats during the event?

Just one issue is all it takes for your whole event to go downhill. It’ll give you or your company a bad reputation and even the smallest slip-up can turn into a pricey affair with you having to pay huge sums in lawsuits.

Security Managers Keep People Safe

So why should we have a security manager during an event? Because they will help keep everyone safe.

Remember, people attend events to enjoy food, drinks, entertainment, and other people’s company while maybe networking or dancing their worries away. But it’s hard for any attendee to enjoy their time if they’re worried about their security.

This is where event security managers come into play. They provide safety and a sense of security.

The presence of security at any venue means that the organizers prioritize the safety of their guests. It assures everyone they’re in safe hands with professionals monitoring the entire event. With security around, it acts as a huge deterrent to any would-be criminal.

Additionally, security pros know how to determine any malicious individuals who could be safety hazards. Plus, they also have connections with law enforcers who can aid in mitigating any threats before things get serious.

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What is Security Management and Why is it so Important?

Security management is the formulation, preparation, and implementation of security strategies and plans for events. Usually, it’s how to protect guests, services, delegates, sponsors, partners, media people, goods & merchandise, etc.

The Importance of a Security Manager

Planning any type of event involves a huge number of tasks. It starts with deciding the venue, making a guest list, then choosing the food menu and hiring security management and services.

If you’re doubting the importance of having security management during your event, think again. Event security is one of the most important factors to consider by the event’s host.

Here are the reasons why a security manager is essential:

  • A security manager will take on all security-related tasks so you can focus on providing a memorable event
  • In certain situations, medium or large-scale events can get out of hand. With a security team, a good security manager can easily regulate and control the crowd.
  • Having security management during your event will make guests feel valued, and will keep them feeling at ease. This will provide them with a better and more memorable experience during the event.
  • If any unfortunate situation arises, the security team will be ready to handle the problem.

Generally, having a security manager and a security team during an event comes with a lot of benefits. In fact, it should be a rule for you if you’re planning to continuously host events of your own.

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Ways to Ensure Security During Your Event

Event security management is not simply appointing a few security personnel at the entrances of venues. It’s also about setting up CCTV cameras around the area, checking threats, analyzing potential weak points, and much more.

You need to be prepared for any and every situation that may come up. So, here are quick tips to safeguard your event from threats while ensuring a safe and memorable event.

Invest in Full Venue Security

Venue security is more than dealing with outside threats; it also includes protecting your guests from threats inside. Consider all the risks to keep your venue secure since this is the first step to a safe and well-protected event.

Here are some ways to ensure venue security:

  • Appoint security personnel throughout the area
  • Conduct security checks at all entry points and gateways
  • Be sure to have surveillance cameras in and around the venue during the event. Monitor these to stay aware of suspicious activities
  • Map out exit points for the guests’ and attendees’ safe evacuation in case of threats and emergencies
  • Keep communication lines open with event participants and encourage them to report suspicious incidents
  • Always have backup plans in case of security mishaps

Educate Your Whole Team

An event will only be completely secure when everyone does their part. Assigning duties to your security personnel is not enough.

Every member of staff is responsible for the security of the event. Educate your staff and explain how you plan to make your event secure. Elaborate on the security protocols, how to respond to threats, and who to contact when help is needed.

A good security manager will make sure that everyone is on the same page. They will be taught basic safety techniques and crisis communication plans so they can stay in control in case of trouble.

When educating your staff, never leave out anyone, and be sure to include exhibitors, speakers, and other members.

Never Forget Cybersecurity

Cyber threats have never been more likely. That’s why cybersecurity should be a big part of your event’s security plan.

Simple measures can help a lot in ensuring cybersecurity during your event. Examples of these are having secure wireless networks, installing antivirus software on all your devices, and using a password manager.

Don’t think you need cybersecurity? Bear in mind that even the likes of CCTV can be hacked into. Unless you have no internet connection to your event, which is unlikely, then cybersecurity should be considered.

Crowd Management and Medical Staff

Crowd control is necessary during large events due to the added safety concerns. It’s also essential when boisterous or over-enthusiastic guests are among the crowd.

You can avoid these hassles by hiring a security manager to manage the crowd and maintain order. A manager will also ensure that other members of the security team work together.

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Final Thoughts

If you have a medium to a large-scale event, a security manager is almost always required. It’s tempting to hire a few guards and try to take this job on yourself but you’ll soon regret it. It’s a huge undertaking and will detract from your hosting duties.

Security managers are experts at what they do. They will manage other security staff, secure the area and, most importantly, ensure you have a smooth and safe event that everyone will love.