Since the World Health Organization declared the outbreak of COVID-19 as a pandemic, businesses are forced to shut down, temporarily. This is due to several important reasons. The first thing is the way people interact must necessarily change because of the contagiousness of COVID-19. Second, is its severe effect on public health. 

Since enhanced community quarantine publicly announced, worldwide, many changes happened. This also drastically impact corporate and commercial businesses. From local supply chains to international chains, COVID-19 affects many facets of businesses’ day-to-day activities and even their long-term goals.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused and still causing an extraordinary degree of disruption in businesses and the economy. Both local communities and global supply chains are all forced to shut down in the meantime. This not only impacts the business itself but also the families of every employer.

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, corporate securities are ordered to protect every public facility and business. This is to maintain good security and surveillance all over the place while everyone is staying in the comfort of their homes. 

Unlike before, security guard service is being reduced in various areas and verticals. But as of today, security services are being viewed as more vital. Redeployment and hiring of security agents seem to be the norm among all businesses, today. 

In this article, we are going to discuss what are the main roles of security agents in protecting your business. 


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Actions That Corporate Security Firms Take to Protect Your Business Against COVID-19 Pandemic

Corporate Security

Making Security System Planning

Because of the coronavirus and its impact on businesses, corporate security firms make a security system plan. This is to respond to workforce fluctuations and to protect all the businesses against the pandemic. This security system plan includes monitoring and tracking open shifts with all covered sites. This also includes monitoring current guard availability to ensure that there’s a security on duty every specific time. Aside from establishing a pool of security guards on hand, shift managers and schedulers also monitor the current availability of those currently active. This also includes those on call. This security plan is the best solution to confront potential shortages in workers during the coronavirus pandemic. This will also build and maintain every company’s trust.

Enhanced Remote Supervision

Before businesses or facilities only need onsite security supervision because of location requirements or when the client has requested it. However, due to this COVID-19 pandemic, having onsite security supervision for commercial businesses is already necessary. A security supervisor can proactively manage guards located at various locations in a city or state. They can even do this across the country to minimize their own risk of contracting the coronavirus. 

Having the technical ability to remotely manage guards at your business allows the supervisor to make better decisions in security planning. By this, they will know where security guards are deployed and know what issues they are dealing with. This is to ensure that service level agreements are met and business sites of clients are secure during the pandemic.

Deployment of Well skilled and Trained Security Agents 

The security firm ensures that any sick guard is replaced with a one who has the same skills, and capabilities. Most especially during this kind of situation, where everyone including businesses needs security all the time. If a guard falls ill at work, then their replacement must have the same skills and capabilities. During this kind of pandemic, security firms cannot send an unarmed guard without experience and proper training. Having a deployment of a pool of well-trained guards at every business ensures service and shift continuity. 

Business Continuity

Security Firms offer a business continuity planning system to make sure business client service and officer support remain uninterrupted. While employees work from home and other remote workplace options to ensure that they meet social distancing guidelines. The job of security firms is to protect business sites while everyone is away from their working environment. To ensure continuity of the supply chain of the business corporate security is working diligently with good service. 

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Northern Force Security Services

If you are looking for corporate security services, you might consider, NF Security in Toronto. Below are some of the services they offer that may help your business fight against the COVID-19.

Access Screening

Numerous numbers of clients and employees enter your commercial building on a daily basis. However, since there is a coronavirus pandemic, people are temporarily halted to enter every business firm. However, during this kind of situation, unwanted individuals may still attempt to enter the facilities to harm business operations. Industrial spy and trade secrets theft are devious competition techniques that your competitors may use against your company. In Northern Force Security, professional guards are well-trained to identify such activities and report to management, to secure your business.

Guarding of Sites

When most people are staying at home, new construction sites, warehouses and logistics facilities are prone to theft. This pandemic is a perfect time for the theft to steal and damage your property and other belongings. This may include criminal gangs, unsavoury individuals or even your competitors. In Northern Force Security, professional guards are trained to guard your property all the time to prevent such actions. 

CCTV Monitoring

CCTV monitoring is also relevant not just today due to COVID-19 but every single day. Nonstop activities take place at your worksites and business locations so CCTV monitoring is crucial. Northern Force Security professional guards are well-trained to operate the most advanced monitoring systems and help you save money.

Crisis Planning

In Northern Force Security, professional consultants are focused on providing you with the right security approach and guidance. This is to prepare you and your staff for the most efficient crisis management, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Access Screening


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Final Thoughts

The COVID-19 pandemic makes companies and organizations proactively close due to emergency declarations by federal or state authorities. This market contraction impacts the demand for security teams. The main reason why many companies choose to rely on these corporate security teams for protection. Instead of downscaling to just one or two guards on shift. The need for security has still called for the use of guards to be dispatched to particular sites.  

If you are looking for a corporate security team in Toronto, you can contact Northern Force Security, today. We can assure you that our professional security team can give you excellent security services.