Are you looking for some ways to keep your residential property or business firms safe and secure? Worry not because you have two real choices, you can hire a security guard or hire a mobile security patrol. Hiring an on-site security guard to stand watch at your property is a good option. However, getting a mobile patrol service is the best alternative to an on-site security guard. Security mobile patrols are becoming one of the most effective choices for securing residential and commercial business properties.

A mobile patrol guard follows both scheduled and random routes in patrol vehicles or bicycles to investigate suspicious activities. Since mobile patrols are not fixed to one location, they can surprise potential threats around your area. 

Hiring a mobile security patrol keeps an eye on all your properties against criminal activity such as theft and vandalism. Aside from that, it is also a very economical solution to security issues nowadays. In this blog, we will discuss the advantages of mobile security patrols. Also, we will show you why it is a cost-effective security option for your business.

What is a Mobile Security Patrol? 

A mobile patrol is an ideal security service for businesses or residential properties. Essentially, it is a service that uses visual deterrence to stop theft, vandalism, loss, damage and illegal activities within your premises.

While it’s wrong to break the law, thieves and vandals are getting braver everyday. Also, they are getting smarter in the use of technology, which allows them to have better access to information. Therefore, security agencies responsible for the safety and security of property need to be wiser and more prepared.

Mobile patrol security offers services for both random and scheduled routes to protect the area. Professional security guards use patrol vehicles to watch for suspicious activities or criminal behaviours. Usually, you can see some examples of mobile patrols at parking lots of most large shopping centers or high-end residential estates.. 

Mobile Security Patrol

Mobile patrol drives around the property in a fixed and random route. They act as a visible presence to those who will commit crimes on the premises. In the event of security risks such as thieves, and vandalism, mobile patrols are often the first ones on the scene. They can immediately contact the police or emergency medical professionals if ever there’s a need. 

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Benefits of Hiring Mobile Patrols

Mobile patrol security is the best option to secure your home, company, or any life event. If you are uncertain whether to hire patrol guards, then here are some reasons why you should consider hiring them. 

Offers All-Around Safety and Security

Mobile security patrols ensure that your area is kept safe and secure at all times. They give peace of mind to your family while they are staying at home. If you have a business, your employees will feel secure because they are working in a healthy and safe environment. 

Hiring a mobile patrol is the best option for larger premises or companies because they can cover a wider area. They can roam around faster and act efficiently compared to traditional on-site security guards. 

Every patrol security guard attends training to perform major security tasks like property patrolling, crowd control, identify threats, etc. They perform their duties mostly on wheels, but they can do it as well on foot. They do that to ensure the safety of every corner of your residential/commercial building. 

Provides Active Security Personnel 

Mobile patrol guards are different from security guards who post up or stand at the property entrance. Mobile patrols are always constantly on the move, roaming around the property in search of suspicious activities. Because of this, they are always active and ready to act when there is illegal behaviour on the premises.  

Offers Multiple Security Services

Mobile patrols do not only perform typical security services. Patrol guards also carry out additional tasks to ensure the optimal safety and security of their clients. Apart from patrolling, the patrol guards physically check the entire building, including all doors and windows, to maintain property security. 

In addition, they provide quick identification of illegal issues, lock and unlock services and vacant premises inspection. They can also escort employees and customers, keep watch over contractors, accept deliveries, and handle the after-hours checking of the company’s entrances and exits.

Visible Crime Obstruction 

When a thief is planning which property to hit next, they will opt for the most probable and easy target. Mobile patrols are the most reliable and efficient as compared to some of the other security options available. A property protected by mobile security patrols is less likely to be a target of illegal activity.

Cost Savings 

Sometimes a permanent security guard is beyond your budget. You don’t have to worry, because mobile patrol guard service is more cost-effective. If you hire mobile patrols, you can choose what scope of the guards’ work you want. With this, you can pay only for the services you need.

Mobile Security Patrol

Aside from that, having mobile security patrol watching over your premises also helps reduce your losses and liabilities. How is it possible? If your place is safe from thieves, break-ins, or other damage, you’re also free from losses. This way, you can save money from not having to pay for damage repairs or a lawsuit settlement. 

Final Thoughts

When it comes to securing your business or residential property, you have two options. You can hire a security guard or hire mobile security patrols. If you have larger premises or residential properties, then hiring mobile patrols is the best choice. A mobile patrol service offers a much superior level of security. Whether you want to secure your business property or residence, a mobile patrol is an effective visible crime deterrent.

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