Hiring a security team is very important for people who are famous or have high net worth such as company CEOs, incorporators, or wealthy executives. Being a well-known figure at any given place may pose a threat to such people. However, just about anyone can hire the services of a bodyguard as long as they can afford such protection. Having a bodyguard strategically stand close to these people will ensure that there will be a fast response against any trouble that may suddenly occur.

Also, seeing a bodyguard can already intimidate any opposition from doing something that would cause trouble. Bodyguards undergo different training from regular security guards, which make them ideal for such situations. This article will discuss legal information about bodyguards within Ontario. It will also include the qualifications needed to become a bodyguard.

Rules and Regulations Followed by Bodyguards in Ontario

There are security agencies that provide special services, such as offering bodyguard services. People need to realize that well-trained security guards have limited knowledge when it comes to personally guarding individuals. These security personnel are focused on guarding people and property within a certain area or space inside a building. There are some countries that require aspiring bodyguards to first become licensed security guards before they can train to become a certified bodyguard. Even though bodyguards may act with force if the situation needs them to do so, there are still limitations to the allowed actions that bodyguards do. Having said that, you may refer to the following list for some legal information you should know about the bodyguards in Ontario, Canada:

  • All security personnel are required to bring their licenses at all times. Since bodyguards are not required to wear uniforms unlike security guards, they must be able to show their licenses to anyone from the public who wishes to see them.
  • Within Ontario, bodyguards are never allowed to carry any symbol showing their authority other than their licenses.
  • Bodyguards are not allowed by law to refer to themselves as police, private detectives, or law enforcement officers. They are not allowed to carry out duties that are done by police officials.
  • Just like security guards, bodyguards must always treat members of the public with respect. They must act professionally at all times.
  • Bodyguards are not allowed to carry firearms at all times in Canada unlike security guards who are allowed to carry and use guns if they are guarding cash or precious metals. Shooting any individual in Canada is a severe violation of the law.


Qualifications Needed to Become a Bodyguard

Before one can apply and become a bodyguard, there are some prerequisites that a person needs to achieve to be eligible. You may refer to the following list the important factors needed by a person to be qualified to apply as a bodyguard:

  • Only people older than 18 years old are allowed to become bodyguards in Ontario.
  • Licensed security personnel that can work as bodyguards are only allowed to enter the security agency if they have clean criminal records.
  • Those who can work as bodyguards in Ontario must be legally entitled to work in the country.
  • To become a bodyguard, a person should have a very good level of fitness. Since part of the work is to shield the VIP from crowds or any incoming dangers, a bodyguard’s body must be able to take physical stress from these external factors without succumbing to them.
  • Since the job of a bodyguard is intense due to many uncontrollable factors that may suddenly arise at any given situation, a person must be able to maintain his composure at all times. A person should be able to handle pressure so that the VIP being protected will not panic. When a person’s emotions get the best of him, this is the time where mistakes in judgment are made.
  • An aspiring bodyguard is required to acquire an Emergency First Aid/CPR certificate. This is actually a requirement before one can train to become a licensed security guard in Ontario. Since getting a license as a security guard is a prerequisite to become a bodyguard, this requirement is a must to become one.
  • To become a bodyguard, you should have already attained knowledge on public safety and security. This is crucial as you must abide by the laws of the province that you are working in.
  • Bodyguards should be able to work well with others. A bodyguard must be able to communicate well with his peers and his VIP to ensure a peaceful transport at any given situation.
  • Bodyguards need to have an advanced level of concentration skills. A bodyguard should not lose focus when he is doing his job. This skill needs to be partnered with having a keen attention to detail. This is crucial when determining if there has been something tampered with the VIP’s vehicle or property.
  • Most importantly, a bodyguard should possess unwavering courage. Facing dangerous situations is an everyday occurrence for bodyguards. Being able to handle these circumstances calmly and strategically will be a key factor when protecting VIPs at any given time.

Roles of a Bodyguard

Taking into consideration the legalities that bodyguards in Ontario need to follow, you should also know the duties that bodyguards can do to ensure your safety. Roles of bodyguards from different countries may differ, which is why you must be familiar with the roles of bodyguards within Ontario, Canada. You may refer to the following for these roles:

Their primary role is to escort their VIPs (very important person).

  • Since VIPs need to travel on foot to different places for meetings or public events, there will always be chances, where the followers or haters of these people might cause some disturbances during these situations. Bodyguards will be there to ensure that these people will not be able to hinder the movement of their VIPs. If anyone tries to physically harm or do a criminal offense against the VIP, a bodyguard is allowed to handle the situation without using excessive force. Just like any other security guard, a bodyguard may be allowed to do a citizen’s arrest as long as the situation calls for it. The bodyguard may only hold a person under a citizen’s arrest until the police arrive to take over in handling the situation.
  • As an escort, the bodyguard is only concerned about the VIP’s safety. All resources may be used by the bodyguard for the protection of the VIP assigned to him. Whenever there is trouble, bodyguards will make sure that the VIP is placed in a safe environment.
  • Being trained with psychology, bodyguards are able to determine if there are motives people nearby have against their VIPs. This can give them the signal to go on the defensive in case a disturbance suddenly happens.

escort their VIPs

Bodyguards will ensure that every time the VIPs travel, they will be following the safest and fastest way to their destinations.

  • Bodyguards will be the ones to coordinate in creating the best possible travel itineraries for the VIPs to follow on their way to their preferred destinations. Bodyguards will have to be ready with contingency plans if ever there are some uncontrollable changes to the pre-made travel itineraries.
  • Itineraries include travel by vehicle and on foot.

Bodyguards will be the ones to check and examine each destination before the VIPs arrive.

  • Any spots that may pose possible threats will be inspected and secured before the VIPs are allowed to pass through them.
  • Bodyguards will also make sure that the venue some of the VIPs have to go to has placed some contingency plans whenever issues arise.
  • Even bathrooms and vehicles are thoroughly checked by a bodyguard before the VIP can enter them.

Bodyguards may act as drivers when the situation requires them to.

  • Even though most VIPs have already hired their own drivers, there may be times where the bodyguards will have to take over in handling the vehicles.
  • Having been trained with a higher level of professional driving skills, a bodyguard may be the only option to take over in transporting the VIP for a safer and more secure travel. This is necessary when there is a possibility that a threat may be following the VIP and needs to be evaded.

Becoming a Bodyguard is a Job that is Not Meant for Everyone

Hiring a professional team of bodyguards can lessen your worries about your daily routine or work. If you are working in an environment where there are chances that your safety and security will be challenged, then this is one of the main factors for you to get a bodyguard or a team of them. It is highly advised though that these bodyguards should also fit the requirements to becoming one.

Since not everybody can be a good bodyguard, it is still your due diligence to ensure that you are hiring people that can protect you at any given time. You should remember that your safety and security is always the top priority. Money can be earned anytime, but your life is so precious that you cannot buy a new one. Always give the task of protecting you to the hands of reputable experts. By availing the services of well-known security agencies, you are assured that all the protocols their personnel follow have been carefully created to fit your situations.

If you are currently in need of a bodyguard, you can contact Northern Force Security at (647) 982-1385. As one of the reputable agencies in Ontario, we assure you that our team of security specialists is always ready to ensure that you will feel safe and secure at all times.