Anyone who plans to start a corporation and build a corporate office should always consider hiring security guards. Even though a specific area might seem quiet and a perfect spot to open up headquarters, the need for protection will still be necessary. Businesses may hire local personnel to handle the duties of guarding their offices. However, the downside of doing this can be that the hired personnel may not have the complete knowledge, techniques, and tools to perform the job at the highest level possible. This is where the availability of security agencies comes in. This article aims to show why it is highly advised to hire the services of security guards that come from a security agency.

Things to Consider Before Hiring a Security Agency

Before deciding on which security agency to hire to guard your corporate office, there are some important things that must be considered beforehand. This is needed to ensure that you will be able to maximize the benefits for paying a security agency to handle the full protection of your office. Below are two of the major factors you should consider about a security agency:

The legality and reputation of the security agency

  • Even though there may be security agencies that are new within the industry, hiring personnel from a seasoned player in the industry is of utmost importance.
  • Security agencies that have already made a positive name means that they have already given services to multiple clients and have done their jobs as advertised.
  • Corporations are known to handle different types of business transactions on a large scale. The importance of any property or staff of any corporation can never be replaced by cost-cutting measures. Implementing a safe and secure environment is crucial and an investment for the eventual success of a corporation.
  • A corporation should always consider the legality of the security agency that it plans to hire. Canada requires security agencies to acquire a license for them to go into business. This is to assure that the clients of these agencies will not be scammed into paying for services that will not be properly handled. In addition, a reputable security agency should be able to show all the necessary documentation that proves that it has been allowed by the Canadian government to continue with its business.
  • Furthermore, by looking at a security agency that is currently employing a larger number of employees, this would show that the agency has been able to satisfy its clients as it has been able to expand its business. Nothing can be more reassuring than hiring a company that is already doing well.

The willingness to compromise the services offered to fit the client’s requirements

  • In the security agency, flexibility is imperative as there are no corporations that run their operations exactly the same with each other.
  • Corporations should be diligent in setting guidelines which security agencies would need to consider in the services they would be offering.
  • When a security agency is willing to compromise, this means that it will be ready to fully commit a part of its resources to the corporation. Security agencies will be bound to provide excellent services as they would also want to continue doing business with their respective business partners after the contract expires.
  • Corporations should make sure that the security agencies would also commit to continue improving their services and equipment as time passes. Security agencies should be ready to adopt any major changes in techniques and technologies introduced within the industry.

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Reasons Why Corporations Need Security Guards

For startup corporations, the owners may think that since the business is still small, they can just do everything by themselves. However, they fail to realize that there are only a few things they can do to protect themselves. Canada allows users to carry firearms as long as they have a valid license, which they must bring with them at all times when they have their firearms available. Also, people working for the corporation will be busy handling the daily operations, which only means that any time they dedicate to protecting their office from security breaches may take away possible business opportunities. The following list will present more common reasons why every corporation should hire the services of a security guard:

Prevention of theft and other security breaches

  • This is the most common reason why there is a need for corporate organizations to hire a security guard.
  • Adding to this, hiring security guards coming from authorized security agencies would only ensure that the hired security personnel have already been properly trained to handle different kinds of scenarios that may happen on any given day.
  • Security guards that come from security agencies have permits to carry their firearms during work. This ensures that if thieves plan to go into the corporate office to wreak some havoc or steal some money, then rest assured, the security guards will be more than capable enough to handle the situation.

Giving the office a sense of professionalism and solidarity

  • For corporations that allow customers and guests to visit their offices, having security guards stationed at strategic spots would give these people the feeling of safety while they are within the premises. Safety is not only for the visitors but also for any of the personnel and property that belongs to the corporation.
  • Also, the sight of having security guards would also show that the corporation is serious in its daily operations and aims to prevent any danger to its guests and personnel.

Proper way of handling threats

  • Having security guards that come from reputable agencies will ensure that the security personnel will be ready to handle threats the right way. Security guards are taught techniques on how to defuse certain situations to avoid further trouble.
  • Well-trained and professional corporate security guards are able to move fast and efficiently. They are able to handle situations without using excessive force, unless necessary. They also do their best to protect innocent bystanders from getting involved in any ruckus happening within the premises.

Ability to monitor everything that is happening within a corporate office

  • Other than actively guarding specific areas of a corporate office, security guards are also experienced in monitoring things like video surveillance, performing credential checks, or checking of any contraband being brought into the office.
  • Security guards routinely do these actions to prevent any safety hazards from happening under their watch.

Readiness to communicate with local law enforcement

  • Another advantage of hiring security guards that come from security agencies is the fact that they already have ways to contact law enforcement, like the police, whenever there is a need. Security agencies are already equipped with ways of communicating with the police so that there would be immediate action when something happens within the corporate office.

Act as a bodyguard for a VIP

  • Corporations will always have people who have special privileges. These people who are considered to have high importance in relation to the business may need additional security whenever they enter and leave the corporate office. Security guards can be assigned to act as their personal bodyguards while they are within the premises. VIPs may be a corporate board member or even a guest who is of high importance, like local celebrities who are invited by the business to do some promotional work.

They can be used for brand awareness

Corporations can use their security guards to market their business to any visitor that passes or enters the building. By making them wear promotional materials, the interest of people from the outside may be triggered by effective marketing programs.

They can be trained to perform simple customer service tasks

  • Security guards can be familiarized with the different departments on each floor of a building. With this knowledge, they can help anyone that asks for direction within the premises. Also, it can never be avoided that as the security guards work longer with a company, they develop some connections with the corporate employees. This makes working with each other easier and things become more harmonious within the company.

Safety is Worth More Than Anything Else

Seeing the importance of hiring security guards, corporations should not mind the cost that will be incurred, as long as the amount is reasonable. Before signing a contract with a security agency, always do a background check on it to ensure that the corporation will be getting the services that it is asking for. Protection and security involves everyone that interacts with the corporation. Security guards will always honor the tasks given to them as long as these are still part of their scope of work as discussed in the contract between the corporation and the security agency.

A good advice when it comes to interacting with security guards is that they should be treated as humans and with utmost respect. By doing so, they may even go the extra mile to make things run smoother within the corporate office. Security guards hired within Canada are known to fully abide by the laws of the land.

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