You’ll agree with me that there are various risks involved when it comes to protecting the life and property of others.

More risky in the sense that you may get hurt in the process of protecting others.

You definitely don’t want to see that happen, would you?

The obvious answer is No! As a matter of fact, you want to be as safe as the lives and property you’re safeguarding.

That’s why today I’ll be sharing with you 5 key tips that will help you become not just a hero security guard for others but also keep yourself safe on the job.

Hang on here! You’ll get all 5 tips.

Plan Ahead to Stay Ahead of any unforeseen circumstances

Even though so many people find it difficult to imagine the worst case scenario in any situation, it shouldn’t be the case for you as a security guard.

You need to be constantly prepared for any unforeseen eventuality and ready to face it squarely when it comes.

Thus, you need to plan ahead by having a comprehensive knowledge of the location you man.  You can do this by; taking note of the various exit points and recognizing the fastest time to reach them from any vantage point in the building.

However, it’s best to plan and work out such strategies as a team if you’re part of the security department.

Know your environment Inside Out

To be at your best, you’ll need to know all the nooks and crannies of the particular environment you are guarding.

You can take personal walks to acquaint yourself with your environment during fewer traffic periods, noticing the stairways, possible obstructions, hazards, doors, general exits and fire exits.

This will keep you out of the guessing game when you’re faced with any security eventualities. Also, you must make effort to follow up with any new structural modification in the environment.

You are not “Iron Man,” Get a rugged Body Armor that Fits You

It all depends on the kind of work environment you’re guarding. If you’re the security guard in a place where a lot of robberies go on, it will be wise for you to get body armor.

You’d be able to protect yourself from any sort of gun, knife or spiked wounds that may be targeted at you.

There are a ton of body armors in the market for specific purposes, thus ensure you pick the one that you think will best fit the environment you’re safeguarding.

Never manage Faulty Security Equipment

Now, this is a complete no-no! Having faulty security equipment is like a Swordsman going to battle with a blunt sword.

That’s awful, right?

There is no mincing of words here; it’s absolutely terrible to have security equipment that could fail you especially at times it’s needed.

That will just be like a big setup. It’s even better to have none than having a faulty one at all.

Thus, endeavour to complain to your superior immediately you begin to see such, to avoid “stories that touch the heart.”

Ensure you have Security cameras supporting you

Just as it’s mentioned above, you can’t comprise not having your security equipment working fine. Well, it also includes security cameras.

You must understand that the security cameras are your third eye that can’t be blind at any time.

Thus, ensure they’re in good shape at all times. If you notice any camera is down, alarm your superior immediately to get a technical team to fix it.

Bonus Tip…. Know your Limits and don’t exceed it!

This is a bonus tip on the house. As much as you want to be a celebrated superhero, you must also recognize your limits and stay off when it’s out of bounds.

For instance, if you’re faced with a gun battle situation, the best thing for you to do is to call the emergency number (the cops) ASAP which should be on your speed dial or something, especially if you’re not licensed to handle guns.

Don’t go playing Super Man, you’re not in the movies, and you definitely don’t have superpowers. Just try as much as possible to get people to safe locations before the cops arrive.

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