Many businesses wait to inquire about armed transportation after it is already too late. They wait until have been affected by a threat or theft that has compromised their valuable assets and the security of their company’s employees and clients. However, you can protect your company by taking a few important steps in ensuring the safe transportation of your high-value assets, products and clients. Armed transportation is a valuable resource for many businesses who wish to provide the most secure services and specialized logistics for their company.

Now, you may be wondering…. Do I really need armed transportation for my business? Keep reading to find out the top 5 reasons you should choose armed over unarmed transportation:

You need armed transportation…

If you transport valuable assets

Transporting high-value assets is one of the most common reasons businesses seek armed transportation. When businesses think of armed transportation, they typically think of the transportation of cash assets. While cash transportation does present a very necessary need for armed security vehicles and armed guards, there are other high-value assets that also need additional security logistics. Some common businesses that seek out armed vehicles to transport their assets include, but are not limited to: banks and financial institutions, medical marijuana facilities, jewellery stores and services responsible for the transporting of medicinal products. The secure transportation of high-value assets is the speciality of armed transportation security services. Give yourself peace of mind while the assets are being transported.

If you want security protection for employees and clients

Armed guards and vehicles will not only protect high-value assets, they will also ensure the security of your employees and clients. Armed transportation gives your company another edge to protect from theft and other liabilities. Armed vehicles and guards not only give off an appearance that your company takes safety and security seriously, it also ensures safe transportation of all assets and people involved in your operation.

If you are hosting an event

Everyone knows that hosting an event comes with many security risks and liabilities. Give yourself peace of mind that comes with armed transportation. Easily and safely transport of valuable event equipment and supply, if you have the large equipment or high-value assets coming to and from the event, use armed transportation for to ensure secure planning of the logistics of your event.

If you are transporting to or from an area with a high crime rate

Be mindful of the crime rates and current news going on in the areas from which you transport to and from. If businesses, organizations, schools or buildings in your surrounding area were vandalized in any way or targeted by burglars, vandals or other criminals, you need to seek out professional assistance for your transportation needs and security logistics. Unfortunately, if you are transporting goods from an area with high crime rates, or you are delivering goods to an area with high crime rates, it is only a matter of time before your business will be attacked next. Be prepared for any situation that may occur during the transportation of your assets.

If you are in an industry with sensitive, valuable products

Specialized security teams equipped with armed vehicles and well-trained armed guards can assist business from a variety of industries with the transportation of sensitive valuable products. The manufacturing industry needs to transport equipment between work sites, and requires a high degree of logistical and secure planning in order to ensure the protection of the equipment. In addition, medicinal marijuana facilities require secure armed transportation of high-value assets that require specialized planning and services when on route to facilities nationwide. Armed vehicles and guards ensure these unique assets, with unique transportation requirements, arrive to their destinations safely and securely, giving you and your company peace of mind and assurance of reliable deliveries.

Peace of mind is not always something you can guarantee. However, armed transportation is one way to not only ensure the security of the goods being transported but also ensure the security for yourself until you reach your destination. Armed transportation is becoming increasingly necessary for companies who desire the peace of mind that comes with armed vehicles and well-trained, reliable security guards. In summary–your business deserves the best service and security of armed transportation.

If you are looking for the best in the business of specialized security solutions, and want the most reliable and technologically advanced armed transportation service? Look no further than Northern Force Security. Not only are our vehicles state of the art, technologically advanced security vehicles, but we also handpick each member of our armed guard team and provide comprehensive training through NFS internal courses in addition to the mandatory provincial licensing process. This process ensures that you are getting the best, and most secure, armed transportation option in Ontario.

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