As terrorism continues to be a growing threat to companies around the globe, more companies are looking at better options to protect their clients and their assets. It has become increasingly evident that the traditional training received by security guards is not adequate to face the threats that exist today. Never has it been more important to implement the highest degree of training to security guards available in the event of an attack of terror. The online security guard training from Northern Force answers the demand by providing your security guards with the skills and techniques of former military professionals and anti-terrorism specialists.

Small businesses may feel that they are safe from large-scale threats and, therefore, do not need to go the extra mile to protect their facility and employees. But sometimes it is the very fact that a business is small that makes it more vulnerable to attack. Certain types of businesses, such as retail stores and pharmacies, are more susceptible to robbery. Those that perform certain types of operations can also make them a target. The reality is that you never know what is going to cause a person or group to choose you as their victim on any given day.

Our online security guard training gives business owners in Ontario the advantage of highly trained security personnel who are always ready for whatever threat may occur. Whether you have a single security guard or an entire force, their knowledge and skills will determine the outcome of an attack. The end result of the course will be security guards who are alert, understand how to assess the risk, and know what steps to ensure the safety of you, your employees, and any clients who do business with you.

Make the Presence of Your Security Team Known

Northern Force Security has built a name that is known for the highest level of security training. In many cases, just letting potential intruders or terrorists know that a trained Northern Force security guard is on the job will serve as an effective deterrent. In larger facilities and mainstream events involving large crowds of people, displaying a tactical unit in an area of high visibility is often an effective way to keep out threats.

Security guards have the option for receiving a number of levels of training. Some are hired to observe employee behaviour more than that of customers. Others are only required to record details when a crime takes place and then contact the police. One of the choices that a business makes is whether their security guard is armed or unarmed. Canadian laws are strict about how security guards are, and are not, allowed to use their weapons. You can rest assured that any security guard who successfully completes our online security guard training understands and will follow those laws to protect your business.

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