If you own a company in Toronto, hiring security guards can provide several benefits to your business. Besides, it is one of the best ways to keep your company secure and safe from any threats and criminals. 

Today’s security guards are ideal not only for bank security. Certain businesses can also benefit from security guards particularly those that hold valuable goods. They can also be beneficial and can be an addition to security teams from retail stores to warehouses, establishments with coin-operated machines, and many more. 

Regardless of its size and type, each commercial business remains vulnerable to different security problems such as employee disputes, assault inside the workplace, vandalism, thefts and other security issues. 

All of these security threats not only pose human lives threat, material threats, or infrastructure damages in your company but can also damage your business reputation. With that, getting a security service makes sense and is a must for every business company. 

Benefits of Hiring Security Guards For Your Business 

If you are still undecided whether hiring a security guard is right for your business, consider these benefits that you can enjoy.

Deterring Crimes at Workplace

A professional security guard can protect your facility by alleviating several potential risks including vandalism, thefts, and assaults. They can detect suspicious activity and take the necessary solutions before it turns into a severe problem. 

Besides, the presence of armed security guards at your premises will deter the criminals not to cause threats to your facility. They can also help the law enforcement agencies to solve any criminal case that happens at your premises with the aid of video surveillance systems.

Providing a Sense of Security

Security Guards

We all know that the top benefit of hiring security guards is to maintain a secure and safe environment. By performing security tasks and protocols they can provide a sense of security to every individual inside your business property. In fact, with the presence of guards, you can assure that your employees, visitors and clients are safe and secure. 

Besides, your employees can perform way better if they feel safe and secure in their working environment. Having security inside and outside your company can improve employee retention, particularly in businesses providing financial services and selling high-end products. Plus, the presence of the security guards at your premises will encourage a potential client to deal with you.

Extending Customer Service

Aside from protecting your workplace, you can also benefit from extra customer service by hiring security guards. You can ask them to provide basic customer services. For example, they can help your customers find offices, departments or even products inside your facility. 

They can also escort the clients to their places, especially if it is off-hours or late at night. In this way, you can save on hiring some extra staff to handle these responsibilities.

Dealing with the Security Issues Efficiently

A security guard is the first line of defence against any suspicious activities and crimes occurring at your company. They are providing highly trained guards equipped with essential knowledge and skills to handle any security concerns more efficiently than anybody else at your workplace. 

They are experts in responding to any security issues, preventing suspects from entering your premises, interviewing witnesses, and inspecting the entire area for safety risks. Moreover, they can also help you prepare a loss prevention report that may benefit the court proceedings.

Maintaining the Order at Your Premises

Security guards also play a vital role in maintaining orderliness at your workplace by controlling conduct violations. In simpler words, they act as your disciplinary officer to maintain the order at your workplace, ensuring that everyone is following the mandated rules and regulations. 

Your security guards can report any misconduct caused by employees or visitors at your business places. They can also give disciplinary action to the violators and those who misbehave inside your company.

Providing Quick Response Time

Quick Response Time

Another benefit of hiring security guards is they can provide a relatively quick response to a situation until the arrival of police officers at your place. For example, if an aggressive client is causing chaos in your workplace, it could take at least 20 minutes for the police officers to arrive there to control the situation. 

By that time, the customer could have done significant damages inside your company.  On the other end, if you have a security guard on-site, you could immediately avoid such an unpleasant situation.

Keeping Your Company Under Surveillance

Security guards also handle the security area of your premises. They can monitor security surveillance cameras in every room, control security operations, respond to alarms and even operate your premises gate. By having control over your security room, they can easily detect and suspect potential security threats and prevent them before they can cause trouble for your business. 

When a potential theft or vandal knows that your company is always under surveillance by security guards, the lesser the chance of any suspicious activities occurring on your business property. Professional security companies also provide security guard management software to have real-time access to relevant information about the criminal activities that may happen on-site.

They Keep Your Workplace Safe During Strikes and Labor Unrest

Strikes and labour unrest may happen unexpectedly, especially for bigger companies. In that case, as an owner, the protection of the facility and your employee must be your top priority. These disputes and protestants will not only affect your business’s productivity but can also harm your employees’ lives in the worst scenario. 

Therefore, hiring security guards can provide benefits to your company, particularly during such unpleasant circumstances. They can perform a threat assessment, deter crimes, and record evidence of unlawful activities and misconduct to keep your company safe during strikes. In this way, they can save your facility from damages and your employees’ lives while preventing production and other business function delays.

Managing the Crowd

Security Guard

During company events, people inside your premises are subject to get bigger. Sometimes it poses accidents or crimes. By hiring a professional security guard, you can control and manage the crowd, thereby preventing any potential threats and risks, including crowd crushes, stampede, mob fights or riots involving drunk people at your company.

With all of these benefits, it is clear that hiring security guards is vital for your businesses to control any suspicious activity or crime situation before anything goes beyond your control.


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What to Consider When Hiring a Professional Security Company?

Growing your businesses will most likely require a reliable security service provider to protect all the property and people within your company. However, choosing the right security company isn’t as easy as it looks like. Before signing the contract and hiring a new professional security company, make sure you consider some relevant factors.

Number of Years in Service

Longevity in service speaks volumes when choosing a new security provider. A reliable and well-established security company with long years of experience is most likely going to have more professional security standards in place, in contrast with a new or newer provider that is still working to grow their company.

Cost of their Services

When choosing a security provider, everyone wants the most is something worth their money. However, you don’t want to give in to the cheapest service provider over the quality of service, so you have to weigh things thoroughly.

When a security company can uphold its value, potential clients are more likely to pay a higher cost for better service.

Training of  their Security Officers 

For every successful security company, providing training for their security personnel must be their on-going priority. 

The licensing process may provide the basics that a security officer must have but just like any job, continued education and training make a great professional more equipped and expert in his/her field. Choose the company that offers extensive training to its security personnel.

Proper Required Operating License(s)

Choose the company with an operating licence. Rememberer that hiring a security guard is a matter of life and death. Although different states also have different security operational requirements, all states require the necessary licensing and credentials for a security company to operate legally.

Ensure that a security provider has a Private Patrol Operators (PPO) License. A PPO license allows the license holder the ability to hire employees that work as security personnel. Second, ensure that all security officers are licensed with appropriate training.

Why Hiring a Security Guard is a Smart Choice?

 Security Guard

Professional security guards have effectively supplemented law enforcement for long decades in Canada. Many commercial business owners in Toronto even claim that hiring security guards have several benefits to their business. Their presence is more effective at avoiding crime than only relying on high-tech security systems.

Without having security guards in your workplace, you can’t control those unlawful activities that may occur inside your business. Thus, hiring a security guard for your business is the smart thing to do to maintain the security and safety of your property, employees, visitors and clients.

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