Security guards are crucial in keeping the workplace safe and free from various kinds of risks. This is the main reason why companies should always hire security guards that come from reputable security agencies. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, a lot of businesses are forced to temporarily close their offices to prevent employees from going into work and contracting the virus from each other. This leaves these offices vulnerable to shoplifting and other kinds of problematic behaviors coming from the outside. However, there are also businesses that have opted to stay open during the pandemic, which need the enforcement of extra security measures with regards to the health and safety of both the employees and the customers.

Hiring Security Guards from Security Agencies

Companies have to consider that the security guards that they hire should be well-trained, not only with regular security measures but also with the implementation of health and safety protocols. Each province or city has its own set of health guidelines that communities have to abide with. Reputable security agencies are familiar with these guidelines and use these to train their security personnel. These new training have added to the complexity of the work security guards need to accomplish.

Security Guard Licensing During The Pandemic

Training and licensing exams for security guards are still ongoing even if there are still issues that have been brought about by the pandemic. Getting involved in group activities and discussions is not a wise move at this time. This is why it is crucial that the Ontario government has worked on launching an online testing option for individuals who wish to obtain their security guard licenses. To add to this, there are online security guard courses that are available. These training courses are developed to teach interested applicants all there is to know about security and the roles of a security guard. These online courses have certificates of completion that signify that they are enough to consider the applicants ready for their licensing exams.

Security Guard Licensing During The Pandemic

How The Pandemic Has Changed The Roles And Responsibilities of Security Guards

Most companies have been advised to close down their offices and should try to look into having work from home setups. The pandemic thrives on having the virus getting passed to other people through local transmission. This is the main reason why the government has pushed for many types of businesses to temporarily close down their properties. However, this is something that not all types of businesses can just follow. There are specific types of businesses that need their employees to go into their offices or factories to continue with important operational processes. For these cases, stopping all of the operations may put certain businesses into very serious financial risks. It may not be clear to some, but these businesses are in greater need of security and safety measures. You may refer below to some of the changes made to the roles and responsibilities of security guards:

  •       Security guards are now tasked to check if the employees are following the safety and health protocols that have been issued for their cities.

o   This is one of the most important jobs that security guards are tasked with during the pandemic. Safety is not all about protecting the office or property from any disturbances. There is also a need for the security guards to ensure that everyone that wishes to enter the property needs to follow the health guidelines such as wearing face masks and protective equipment that would help prevent the spread of the virus. In addition, security guards need to ensure that there are no gatherings within the premises and that everyone is following social distancing as needed.

  •       With fewer employees working, offices need to be guarded from the increased chances of robberies and break-ins.

o   Business owners have to realize that the pandemic has actually made their offices and properties prone to outside disturbances. With a number of people suffering due to the stoppage of work, these people have the tendency to shoplift or steal from offices that may be less secure. By hiring more security guards during the pandemic, the presence of these personnel will make perpetrators think twice before they try breaking into the offices. Also, security guards will help employees feel safer and more secure as they go to their jobs and go back home after their work schedules. These people need this extra feeling of security because the pandemic has caused some people to resort to robberies and hold-ups.

  •       For offices and properties that have been closed down due to the pandemic, there is a need for a team of security guards to keep these places secure.

o   When buildings, factories, offices, and warehouses are closed, these properties are exposed to criminal activities. Even if these places have been securely locked and sealed shut from the outside, without the physical presence of security guards, criminals and robbers can freely try to break into these places. Security guards must constantly roam around the premises to ensure that they will be able to spot movements or signs of possible robberies.

  •       In relation to where to get security guards, business owners have to be cautious and employ the services from reputable and well-known security agencies.

o   Hiring a team of security guards is a huge investment during the pandemic. There are many people trying to earn easy money and may try to offer their services as security guards. Even though these people may have active security guard licenses, companies should still not risk the safety and security of their companies. Problems may arise if you hire incompetent security guards that do not work for security agencies. Without the accountability given by reputable security agencies, the items inside the offices will always be at risk of getting stolen or damaged.

Security Is Crucial During The Pandemic

This is not the time to focus savings on the safety and security of your employees and properties. This is the time to focus your resources on getting the best security guards available. Always transact with reputable security agencies. Even if their offerings may cost a bit more than others, you will be assured that you will not have headaches when it comes to the safety of your company during this pandemic. You may contact Northern Force Security at (647) 982-1385.