How to Obtain a Security Guard License

Before you can work as a security officer in Toronto, you need to acquire a security guard license. This license is essential in the security business as it is proof that you are qualified to assume the position and carry out the duties of a security guard. In Toronto, it is illegal to work as [...]

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How to conduct a security assessment for your commercial building

The world is advanced. However, so also are the vices that abound today. With the advent of cybercrimes and the frequency of it, it is straightforward to assume that it is the only threat faced by your business. Many Toronto based businesses even go as far as neglecting to hire private security services. This is [...]

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How to prevent shoplifting at your retail store

Are you a retail shop owner wondering how to prevent shoplifting? Do you think some retail items have been disappearing from your stocks and shelves? Or maybe you've been noticing for a while, but you're not sure about it. Perhaps you've found countless evidence of open packages, broken items, or missing sales items without any [...]

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