The world is advanced. However, so also are the vices that abound today. With the advent of cybercrimes and the frequency of it, it is straightforward to assume that it is the only threat faced by your business. Many Toronto based businesses even go as far as neglecting to hire private security services.

This is not the way it is supposed to be. Physical security issues persist. Hence, as a business owner, you need to know how to conduct a proper security assessment for your building. That is the only way you can determine the kind of security guards and services you need to hire.

Crime, as we know it, is not only digital. There is still the need to pay attention to the physical aspect of the crime. You shouldn’t be making a mistake most companies or businesses make. Most of them wait until a significant threat faces them before they conduct a physical risk assessment.

This should not be so. Waiting will not only cause your business a considerable loss in terms of money. In worst-case scenarios, it can also bring about a massive dent in reputation, and a resulting decrease in client trust.

It is not right to wait until your business suffers a security breach before working on how to conduct a proper security assessment. In this article, we will teach you everything you need to know about doing a proper physical security assessment for your business.


What does physical security entail?

There are several factors and activities that the conduction of a proper security assessment entails. They include:

Identification of risk

This is the very first step to assessing security functionality. You need to know what level of risk you are dealing with. Risk levels in various organizations differ. However different the level of risk might be, there is one thing common to all – crime.

Every business is at risk of being targeted by criminal elements. Therefore, there is a need to beef up security concerning the level of crime envisaged.

The risk level is not only dependent on the nature of the business. The location of the company can also influence it. This is best illustrated and explained in a situation where a bank in an urban area would naturally require more protection than one in a rural area. Both forms of society must take steps in ensuring security, but the urban areas will need it more.

Depending on your location, you may need to beef up your physical security system and improve on the presence of security guards.

 Assessment of threats

When analyzing your business security needs, post the consideration of risks, the very next thing you need to do is to analyze the risk, then identify the threats.

In this situation, you need to question yourself on which events are more likely to occur compared to others. In your analysis, any event that has a higher probability of happening can be regarded as a threat.

You should also consider vulnerabilities. These occur in situations where there are threats that are highly likely to be faced by your business. However, the security you are currently using cannot address it.

This is the other part of your security needs that may be easily forgotten, especially when risks are considered. You need to accurately know what your vulnerabilities are so you can address them accordingly.

 Review of the current site and facility security

In a bid to address your vulnerabilities, this is the very first thing you need to do. The site referred to in this case, is the area surrounding your business – the compound. When you do this, you will be able to consider all the loopholes in the building or structures.

Whenever you are assessing how secure your physical location is, the very first thing to do is consider the functionality and maintenance. If there are areas that you don’t maintain, these are areas that make your business prone to risks and threat.

For example, you should check for doors that do not lock properly or problematic windows. In most of these cases, proper maintenance can do the trick of ensuring that your facility is secured.

Other than these, you should also consider factors, such as how easy it is to access your commercial building. You should consider if unwanted persons or customers can easily access your building. When you have your answers to these questions, it is best to find solutions immediately.

 Review of the facility’s operating procedures

You must consider operational procedures set in place for your employees after assessing physical structures. It is commonplace for managers to secure their commercial institutions during the day, but lag in security at night.

You must avoid this cliche. There is a need to ensure that staff that work overnight in your business be well protected. Once your company has employees stay over at night, there is a need to implement checks and precautions that will ensure their safety.

There are cases where doors and windows may be left open at night for comfort. Your company needs to have a system in place that weathers this and prevents people from quickly entering your building.

On a last note, you need to ensure that emergency plans and procedures are all active. In the event of a fire, bomb, or other threats, emergency plans will help keep your workers safe. In the long run, this will also cause customers to be confident in the services provided by your company.

Review physical security systems

This is the very last stage of your assessment, which will help address your security problems. You should ensure that your security equipment is fully functional. When cameras are monitoring the area, you should ensure that there is a drastic reduction in the presence of blind spots, which may undermine the function of the cameras.

Also, do all you can to make sure that your system is comprehensive and threat-proof. Security measures and procedures should not only be geared towards your physical structure and utilities. You need to take careful consideration of personnel.

Make sure your risk assessment leaves no stone unturned. Look out for threats, make sure you know what your vulnerabilities are. Knowing these, you can ensure more robust security of lives and properties in your company.


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 Aspects of security in the workplace

There are various aspects involved in workplace security. These are aspects you should look into when conducting security checks. They include:

Physical aspect control

In the bid to have the perfect knowledge of how to do proper security assessment, this is one aspect that needs due consideration. In the workplace, it is pertinent to maintain a level of ID verification in your security verification routine procedure. This will disallow unauthorized personnel from gaining access to some parts of the company.

To do this, you can employ security persons to maintain order and keep things in check. Other than employing persons, you can also create a computer-based autonomic control system.

Physical surveillance

Maintaining security in the workplace with this procedure cannot be overestimated. With this system in place, tracking any incident becomes easier. With the help of a concrete surveillance system, you can foster real-time monitoring of security in company premises.

With a physical surveillance system, you can always monitor areas such as door, exits, IT rooms, and other critical areas that are prone to threats and trespassers. A CCTV system is an advantage which you should maximize. It inevitably improves the efficiency of any private security service that you hire.

Security lighting and alarm system

When it comes to security, lighting is a significant factor. There are different cases in which light is helpful to security. For instance, lighting is vital for surveillance systems. It is also important when manually guarding structures and buildings with private security guards.

The workplace is safer where there is proper lighting. You can prevent breaches and other malicious activities when the workplace is adequately lit with effective security lights.

Badges and Tokens

Company personnel and outsiders should be easily differentiated in your company premises with the use of a badge. This way, you get to ensure more effective surveillance and monitoring. This is especially important when you run a large workplace.


How to conduct a physical security assessment

As discussed earlier, knowing how to conduct a proper security assessment is beneficial for you. If you want your business to be safe, you need to take this with the utmost importance.

Appraisals are required if you want your facility to be secured. Here are some ways in which you can conduct a security assessment.

Take note of current security measures

Two factors kick-start the assessment. First, there is a need to conduct a physical tour of the site, and a total review of existing security reports and documentation. These factors are critical for security assessments and should not be neglected.

Physical walkthrough

In the quest of learning how to conduct proper security assessment, this is vital. It entails a thorough walkthrough of the entirety of the building.

You need to evaluate every square footage of your commercial building. This process takes time, but it is necessary if you want to have a full overview of the current state of the building’s security. When you are doing this, you should observe the vulnerabilities of entryways, locks, camera blind spots, etc.

Paperwork walkthrough

This part of the process involves you bringing out blueprints and diagrams of the building, for review. You need to go through all of these, just like you went through the whole of the building. 

When you do this, you will be able to find access points, blind spots, and other areas of the building that may raise concerns.

 Evaluate the settling

This should be done after a walkthrough of your whole building. This step of the workplace security assessment monitors where the property sits. When considering the security of your business, the landmass area around your building will determine the strength and weakness of your security plan.

The landscape around your building goes a long way in determining how easy it is for strangers to access your building. It also determines how well you can provide reinforcements for the property. You need to understand the layout of where your building sits.

Pay attention to the people

No matter how tight the security of your building is, once there is no restriction on public access, security is bound to be compromised. You need to do a critical analysis of those who have unhindered access to your building. 

You should know how easy it is for people to enter or leave the premise, especially in areas that are restricted to just personnel. Your security system should have different areas with different levels of access.

Also, you need to ensure that there are measures in place that will effectively check and screen those that gain access to your premises. Some of these measures include; identification tags, metal detectors, badges, etc.

Look for crime information for your particular demographic

Understanding the specific threat that faces your business is a great way to know the security measures that will be effective. With this knowledge, you can easily set up safeguards that will protect your property from vandalism and other issues of theft and breach.

One of the best places to begin your search is with online tools. You can scour and get numerous information on web pages, apps, and other analytics pages that provide information on crime. 

You can also go further in forming an acquainted tie with another business owner in your industry. That way, you can share info on the various challenges being faced. Having this firsthand knowledge is proven to be more productive as it will give you an insight into steps that need to be taken.

Think about all-round security

You have taken the right step if you have improved on the various security tips and aspects as discussed earlier. It is normal if you did this geared towards safety during work hours (day time). 

However, you shouldn’t just stop at this level. You need to go a bit further and consider these issues for nighttime security. Paying attention to this sector will help keep an overall watch on your business.

 Have an emergency plan

Irrespective of how hard you try to make your security system seamless; there would always be loopholes or exceptions. Your business might experience issues with personnel, or some natural disaster may occur. Hence, you need a backup security system in place to help in cases of emergencies.



It is normal to wonder how to conduct a proper security assessment for your business. However, with the various steps explained in this guide, it should be easier to carry out.

The security of your business is as essential as it can get if you are out to make a profit in the short or long run. Commercial buildings are always more prone to threats from vices and criminals. Preparing for them is the right thing to do – security is vital in this case. 

Carrying out a physical security assessment for your building can be a tough ask. Therefore, you can employ the service of a Toronto-based private security agency. Contact us to know how secure your business establishment is today! We can also help you devise a security plan that works!