What are the Roles of a Mobile Patrol Officer? 

The security of the premises of a company is crucial in attaining success. Without any visible security personnel inside the company grounds, employees and clients do not feel comfortable working or transacting with the company. Companies that may have multiple office locations or project sites may hire the services of static security guards to protect [...]

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What are the Benefits of Hiring Mobile Security Patrols?

Are you looking for some ways to keep your residential property or business firms safe and secure? Worry not because you have two real choices, you can hire a security guard or hire a mobile security patrol. Hiring an on-site security guard to stand watch at your property is a good option. However, getting a [...]

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How much does mobile patrol service cost in Toronto?

Security of life and property is as paramount as it can get, that is not disputed. With technology, security has gone many steps further than what it used to be some years back. There are so many innovative technologies employed in defence of home and properties. Homes and properties can fall victims of robbery and [...]

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