When it comes to the main purpose of security, commercial and institutional security have varying meanings. There are a lot of differences between commercial and institutional security.

Commercial security refers to the protection systems commonly found in companies, apartment buildings and other businesses. On the other hand, institutional security refers to security measures and protocols mandated by the government or corporate entities. These measures are in place to protect strict social structures and the environment.

Still a bit confused? We will shine a light on the institutional vs commercial security debate. Keep reading to find out the meaning of commercial security and what to expect.

What are the Differences Between Commercial and Institutional Security?

Understanding the differences between commercial and institutional security is vital. In fact, it can influence the decision of whether or not to hire this level of security.

Level of Security

Companies and businesses require only a lower level of security as compared to government buildings and institutions. The main reason is there is less threat in the businesses than in the institutions. 

Typically, commercial businesses install security equipment to limit access to unwanted elements. On the other hand, institutions are much exposed to a larger number of citizens. Also, the institution has more responsibility to protect not only its people but also the visiting public.

Security and Safety Measures

Security and Safety Measures

Security measures cover the personnel, equipment, and methods that are used to practice protection. It can come in the form of paid guards, cameras, specialty locks and other security devices. 

These tools are used to prevent theft and other crimes from occurring. These devices are the measures that commercial businesses install. Most of the time, the level and type of security equipment used to depend on the business manager. 

However, for institutions, security measures are typically much more advanced. For example, airports and hospitals commonly use advanced screening methods. They use advanced camera technology, fingerprinting, and retina scans to ensure the institution’s protection and safety.

Main Purpose of Security

Managers and owners of commercial buildings often implement security measures to protect their employees and customers. The main threat is theft and burglary, so these security methods are used to prevent this. 

Whereas, in institutions, security is more focused on individuals working or visiting in the institutions. The higher risk in many institutions is more on verbal and physical harassment. These are only some of the differences between commercial and institutional security.

What is Commercial Security?

Commercial Security

Unfortunately, some commercial business owners tend to take these security and safety measures too lightly. They rely only on security guards thinking that it is enough to protect their businesses. However, not using top-notch commercial security services will make your business vulnerable to thieves.

You must be reminded as well that as a business owner, assets and inventory are the only points that need protection. Your customers and employees also need protection. Don’t be that kind of commercial business owner who waits to become a burglary victim before installing commercial security systems. 

Neglecting to get commercial security services and waiting for such unfortunate events puts your business at risk. Therefore, it’s imperative that you always consider the possibility of becoming a victim of those crimes.

When it comes to commercial security, you must not underestimate the danger that internal theft poses for your commercial business.

What is Institutional Security?

The need to protect an institutional facility has become a top priority. Institutions become more vulnerable to threats and crimes that can bring dangerous liability risks. Here at Northern Force Security, we understand the challenges of your institutional security. We also take the time to understand your specific security needs before recommending a security solution.

Your institutions need to ensure that your employees are working in a safe environment. You must monitor the access and control to ensure that unauthorized personnel can’t harm your premises and people. Aside from that, you must also secure and monitor the parking facilities of your institution. 

It is worthy to note that the outdoor spaces of your institutions also need monitoring. In the next section, we’ll show you some of the considerations that determine the efficiency of your 


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What Should You Consider When Choosing a Commercial and Institutional Security System?

Commercial Security System

Here are some of the factors that you can consider when you decide which system to choose.


Placement is very crucial when you are choosing an appropriate security system for your business and institution. You can’t merely provide your commercial and institutional building with a security system without proper evaluation. You must take note of where to mount your surveillance camera, access control points or sensors.

Security System Maintenance

Indoor and outdoor security devices require different repairs and upgrades to function well. You need to be aware of the demand of each commercial security system component to make sure that they are functioning optimally.

Cost of Security System

The overall value of security systems may surprise you at first. However, it pays to have an effective commercial and institutional security system, no matter how much the price. The total cost of these commercial security systems includes both the devices themselves and their activation. It also includes ongoing monitoring, maintenance, and additional charges.

Cost of Security System

Installation of Security System

Choosing the right commercial and institutional security system also involves gauging how the installation will affect your building. Usually, installing these security devices in and around your establishment takes days to complete. 

It consumes a lot of time, especially if you’re going for hardwired security systems. Furthermore, these systems must be able to work without affecting your daily operations. This is where the expertise of professionals come into play. 

Final Thoughts

With knowledge of the differences between commercial and institutional security, you can better protect your building. As a business and institutional owner, you should always ensure your establishment is safe all the time. While no facility is completely safe from risks of theft, crimes, fire, or vandalism, taking proactive measures is the key. 

It can help shield your business and institution from potential hazards. If you are looking for commercial or institutional security services, choose Northern Force Security. We can offer your establishment reliable and efficient security services. Contact us today at (647) 982-1385!