There is a constant need for the protection of commercial facilities. Hence, the topic becomes more pertinent by the day. Daily, commercial buildings face risks and threats that can leave them exposed and susceptible to further attacks. In light of this, there are standalone security companies with the responsibility of ensuring the security of a commercial building, amidst challenges faced.

For every institution,  the safety of staff is paramount and shouldn’t be taken lightly. There is just so much that goes into ensuring the security of life and property, and it is paramount that commercial buildings in Toronto invest in security. The cost of commercial building security should not be too much to undertake, as safety is just as important as the running of business processes. 

In securing a commercial building, there is a need to monitor access and control in a bid to ensure that unauthorized personnel is easily detected and apprehended. There is also the issue of parking facilities; this must be duly monitored and secure as much as possible. Security is foremost in ensuring the seamless running of activities of a commercial building. All of these are activities that an efficient security company can undertake for you. 

However, many institutions in Toronto worry about the cost of hiring security. This article will answer some of the nagging questions you have about institutional security including the cost and factors that contribute to this cost.


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What is the commercial building security?

Commercial building or institutional security can be defined as the various security measures that are set by corporate or government entities, in a bid to protect strict social structures. Institutional security as a concept can be defined by four different factors, which are; 

Security level

Unlike businesses and companies, the level of security needed in an organization is higher. This is because, in time of unrest, institutions are larger targets for angry mobs. Hence, there is a need for the adequate protection of both institutional employees and the visiting public. In simple terms, the scale of security needed in a commercial building is higher. Security in institutions is taken more seriously. 

Various security measures employed

Security measures can be defined as the equipment, personnel, and methods that are employed in ensuring that a commercial building is secured. Different measures can be employed in the case of security. These can range from cameras to paid guards, to specialty locks amongst other devices used in the protection of life and properties against theft and destruction. 

Security measures for institutions tend to be more advanced, with the use of high-end installations to combat security compromise. In institutions like hospitals, you may find the use of fingerprinting, retina scans, and other advanced camera technology. This is in a bid to ensure the safety of life and properties.

The main purpose of security

The security measures employed in institutions are more tended towards the protection of individuals visiting. The main reason for this streamlined security measure is that institutions are more prone to suffering from verbal and physical harassment. 

Hence, measures are put in place to combat this. However, that doesn’t mean the security measures wouldn’t be handy in other aspects. 

Importance of security

Institutions are places where a large number of people convene. Hence, it experiences a slightly different model of security than other corporate bodies. 

Due to the larger number of persons that a commercial building encompasses, there is a higher need for security. Owing to this need, it is vital that there is a less conservative approach to the cost of institutional security. Institutions are more exposed to criminal elements amongst many other causes that can lead to violence.

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Who needs institutional security? 

It is important to acknowledge that faith-based and non-governmental organizations are not just about faith, spiritual care, health and human services. These organizations have been recognized as core to the collective and cooperative homeland security efforts. 

These organizations are critical to our society in Toronto, as they run structures meant to provide support and tackle the biggest problems that citizens face in the country. 

However noble the intentions of various institutions are, they are very prone to attacks and other violent activities. When subject to these extreme conditions, the functions of these institutions are undermined, which is negative for society. 

There are various institutions in this case, with facilities, capabilities, and processes that take place on a large scale. These institutions play an intrinsic role in the maintenance of peace in society. Whenever there is a crisis, these institutions with internal security systems are critical partners.

However, for these institutions to participate in the overall protection of Toronto communities, there is a need for an advanced internal institutional security system. Examples of such institutions are:

  • Houses of worship
  • Community centers
  • Home establishments 
  • Camps 
  • Special events and conferences
  • Health institutions
  • Banks 
  • Financial buildings
  • Government and affiliated buildings
  • University campuses
  • Shopping malls


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Cost of institutional security in Toronto 

Security is as important as it can get, and hence, a lot is required in terms of the cost of institutional security. The cost of institutional security can go as high as 2000CAD per day. This is somewhat on the high side, but it is a budget that institutions must be ready to foot, to maintain peace and order in their buildings. 

Institutional security companies are highly specialized and make use of top-notch systems and measures to combat violence. Employing this service will surely come at a cost. 

However, this price is variable. There are so many factors that influence the cost of institutional security in Toronto. The core on which these factors are premised are the services rendered by the security outfit. The service that the security company will offer a commercial building is the main determinant of the cost incurred. 

Various services are being offered by these security outfits, and they include:

Alarm response

This is one of the positives of employing the service of an institutional security company. Alarm response is key in times of emergencies or violence. In this service, when the alarm for a commercial building is set off, the security guard attached to patrol security will go and check the institution to ensure that there is no bridge in security or whatnot. 

However, if left to the government’s law enforcement agencies, there is the possibility of a delay in the dispatch of help. In most cases, law enforcement agencies will require and wait for emergency contacts to verify the alarm that went off. 

The police are never comfortable with dispatching personnel just because of an unconfirmed alarm. There are so many factors responsible for this, one of which is the fact that the force has been plagued with so many false alarms in the past. 

In some cases where the police arrive on the scene of an alarm, and it turns out to be a false alarm, they are known to charge for such. This makes alarm response, not on the priority list of the police force. 

In light of this, the best bet for security in a commercial building is a private institutional security company. They are the perfect entities to attend to your alarm response needs. These security outfits are equipped with all the needed tech and gear to respond to your alarms, any time of the day, all through the year. There are security guards assigned to various institutions, to which they ensure prompt and rapid response in times of emergency.

These guards are also saddled with the responsibility of conducting a thorough search, inspection and checking of the facilities, as per pre-agreed requirements. 

These security agents are also flexible in some cases, as they sometimes react to alarm responses based on the situation on the ground, trying to make the best decisions that will ensure safety. Professional service providers would also go to the extent of providing a detailed report of the incident and the various measures they employed in combating it.


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Bike Patrol

This is most often a unit on its own in most security companies. This unit is saddled with the responsibility of offering specialized and custom patrolling to institutions. These patrols are invaluable in ensuring that security is at its optimum, as it is flexible. 

In most cases, there is the chance of the bike patrol getting to the site of an alarm faster than a mobile patrol. 

The bike patrol service can also be partnered with mobile patrol to render an effective patrol service for a commercial building. Bike patrol is known to be highly effective in large area institutions like university campuses and shopping complexes. The security personnel on the bikes can also report to, and in some cases, be of help to the central command. 

With the use of the bike patrol, it is effortless for security personnel to get to places where vehicles cannot access. Also, in the case of congestion, a bike patrol is more effective in maneuvering. Bikes are an added level of security that every institution needs. 

Mobile patrol

One amazing perk of using mobile patrol is the cost-effectiveness. This is a basic system to adopt in the security of your institution. The mobile patrol service is best utilized in institutions where there is no standby security guard. The cost of institutional security can be influenced by whether a security is meant to patrol 24/7.

All security agencies offer mobile patrol services. It is advantageous in that it can be custom-made to requirements by the institution. These vehicles are equipped with the latest technological gear, with which they can combat any security challenge that arises. 

Most security agencies have their vehicles verified, and most offer tracking systems for their cars. These tracking systems will allow you as the hirer to know just how long they spent on your property and many more. Along with the use of these vehicles, most security companies will supply you with electronic incident reports. 


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Loss Prevention

Professional security agencies subject their officers to recent and cutting-edge training in the industry. This way, you can be sure that you are getting the best service available in the security industry. Irrespective of attack or violence, one factor that the institutions would hope for is the prevention of loss. 

For institutions that own a lot of property, there is a need for security officers. These officers are saddled with the responsibility of guarding properties all-round the day, throughout their commission. This service can be combined in some cases with bike patrol, or even mobile patrol teams. It would be best to opt for a security company that is effective in this. 

Staff Escort

This is an added layer of security that some institutions might decide to opt for. If you are going to be needing security teams to escort your staff in Toronto, the cost of institutional security will increase. 

In cases where employees have to work till late in the night, security companies can provide staff escort. The staff escort has the job of accompanying every member of staff to a secure perimeter, till they are safe. This is important in cases where a commercial building is faced with protests, or another violent activity is going on. 

In doing so, the security agency can maintain a safe and friendly environment for workers in the institution. If it is a commercial building that deals in cash, this added level of security is needed in cases where the employee has to make a deposit, or there is a need to close very late into the night. 


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Event security

This is a very important service rendered by security companies. During events, various persons are invited. This makes a commercial building more prone to violent activities. In the course of an event, institutions want to ensure that there is perfect safety for the event, as well as the people attending it. 

Activities are always ongoing in an event, irrespective of the magnitude. Security companies offer the service of studying the nature of the event and developing strategies that will protect the premises, as well as monitor other activities going on. 

In the course of the events, entrances and all exit points are to be monitored. These security companies ensure this, having studied the plan and structure of the event and where it is held. 

In light of this, various packages can be chosen. You can choose to have the security personnel disguised in mufti. Alternatively, you can have them dressed in uniform. You can also get them to carry out bike control or foot patrol. 


Final take

The cost of institutional security in Toronto is fairly affordable for institutions. However, as said, it is largely dependent on the activities and responsibilities to be handled by the security company. 

Security of life, both that of the employees and customers should be paramount to institutions. Hence, investing in this added layer of societal protection is not too much. Contact us to get a reliable consultation on the security needs of your institution.